My local Myst buds and I have been casually assembling a Game of Thrones-centric fancast for Myst/Riven.  Gotta fudge the ages a bit, but otherwise!  Pretty damn close.

Suggestions welcome, of course- for instance, is Jaquen H'ghar is too hot for Saavedro?  Some of us don’t mind, but these are the pressing issues we cover here at Mystic Places.

Even though the franchise is known more for its solitude, I feel weird playing Myst games alone because they’ve always been something I did with my brother. We ran through Exile in the last few weeks, and I noticed it was kind of interesting that the Ages in that one were specifically designed with two people exploring them in mind- Sirrus and Achenar.

and then i decided to draw them being horrible teens who are bad at puzzles and it’s spiraled out of control send help theres so many SKETCHES


Mysterium, 2014—More Cosplay

[x, x, x, x, x]

Gehn: Melinda Rose aka rivenchan
Achenar: Unknown
Atrus: Alex aka Doahveh aka thecosmosknowsitself
Yeesha: Eva aka laughingpinecone
Catherine: Jean aka hylianjean
Esher: Elliot Borenstein aka taniith


myst; live action

sophie turner as yeesha
richard coyle as achenar
matthew goode as sirrus