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And Then There Was (Part Two)

And Then There Was… (Part Two)


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It felt like yesterday I had her, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. Gracie was 8 months already and has started crawling. Dean has gone into overprotective mode, I find him constantly on the floor checking to make sure nothing has been dropped.

I walked into the viewing room to sounds of Grace in fits of laughter, Dean was blowing raspberries on her belly and she loved it. It was so beautiful the noise, her giggle was like music. She had blonde hair and her Daddy’s eyes, my smile and an intelligence that sent us into awe. I watched as she rolled onto her belly and took off, Dean chasing after her on all fours, she was laughing at her Dad.

Sam walked in behind me, a huge grin on his face.
‘You know you two make the most amazing kids.’ He said quietly. I smiled ‘Makes me wonder why you panicked about having them in the first place.’ He was right neither of us planned on having Grace or any kids. It was a 5 point plan if we ever rid the world of evil. But then she surprised us, a baby. It was a shock. But looking at our lives now I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have given up hunting, research is my job now. The boys still hunt, but usually try and avoid the more serious, dangerous ones. Bobby and Jodie (who are Gracie’s adopted Grandparents) come around regularly and help when the boys are away. Aunty Charlie visits almost daily and Cas stops by regularly, he was so sweet bringing her some Australian lamb’s wool products when she was born.
‘Dean’s a lot better with her than he thought he would be.’ I observed. Sam grinned,
‘That he is.’
‘I’m thinking of taking her for a walk later, I feel like it’s been forever since I went out.’ I had been so busy with Grace that time seems to be getting away from me. Having no windows doesn’t help.
‘Not the best idea Y/N.’ Sam said softly. ‘It’s raining out.’ I nodded, well that put’s pay to that.
‘Another day.’ I smiled, watching as Dean rolled onto his back and Grace climbed on him
‘Da-da’ she said, trying to kiss his nose. Slobber going everywhere, I chuckled.
‘I hope she bites him like she did me.’ Sam muttered, rubbing his nose. I looked at him sympathetically.
‘Yeah those teeth are a pain. Hurts like hell when she bites.’

I made dinner and we sat down to eat, sausages with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, and gravy. Grace had the mashed potato and gravy.
‘She eats like her Dad.’ I laughed looking at the mess she made. Dean stuck his tongue out at me.
‘But she is so cute when she does it.’ Her bright green eyes, looked wide and happy as I popped another spoon of potato in her mouth.

I cleaned up after dinner while Dean bathed Grace, he put her pj’s on her and brought her into me for a feed.
‘Who is cleaner?’ I laughed, looking at how wet Dean’s shirt is.
‘Someone taught her to splash.’ Dean laughed.
‘I think that may be a new trick she pick up on her own.’ I smiled.
‘Really cos I thought I saw you showing her yesterday.’ Sam said as he walked in, taking her out my arms for a cuddle before bed.
‘Shut up Sammy.’ I grinned.

I took Grace to her room and sat in the rocking chair, feeding her singing Hey Jude. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to Dean squeezing my arm.
‘Baby, come with me. It’s time to wake up.’ I felt that my arms empty. I panicked for a second. I realised then that he must have put Grace in her cot. Dean kissed my forehead and smoothed my hair. ‘I love you Y/N. Time to wake up babe.’ I opened my eyes, taking in a deep breath. I opened my eyes, and Dean pulled me up. I looked in at Grace.
‘I didn’t even realise I fell asleep.’ I muttered.
‘Kids do that to you apparently.’ He whispered.
We headed into our room and climbed into bed. I snuggled into his chest, listening to the rhythmic sound I fell asleep.

Turning over the plastic stick in my hands I was shaking. It had two lines, I was pregnant again. This baby wasn’t planned either. Grace was now 9 months old, she is the most amazing person on this planet. I couldn’t imagine having two of her though, she was into everything. Another wave of nausea took over me, thankfully I managed to keep it down.

Dean walked into the bedroom and knocked on the door.
‘You ok?’ he asked, I opened the door holding the stick in my hand. I just looked at him.
‘Are you serious?’ He had the biggest grin on his face. He laughed so happily. ‘I’m going to be a Dad again?’ He picked me up hugging me. Tears down his face.
‘I love you so much.’ He kissed me. I stood with a smile on my face, still shell shocked. Dean made me keep our secret. He organised a t-shirt for Grace that said World’s #1 Big Sister.

He put the shirt on her, and let her loose to go find Sam. She crawled up to her Uncle who picked her up, smothering her in kisses. He went to use her shirt to wipe up some dribble when he realised what it said.
‘ARE YOU FRIGGEN KIDDING ME?’ He shouted. ‘Just can’t keep it in your pants can you?’ he hugged Dean, and myself. Dean used the same shirt to tell everyone else, I think Grace wore it for a month straight. The only time it came off is when it had to be washed.

By 5 months my stomach was a lot bigger than it was with Grace. I was struggling to put her in her cot, if she fell asleep first.
‘I’m thinking of going for a walk.’ I said to Dean as I entered the viewing room, Grace in my arms. I had been trying to get her to sleep with no luck.
‘Bad weather outside.’ He said sadly. I sighed,
‘Never mind then.’
‘Want me to take her?’ he asked, watching me struggle. I looked down she was almost asleep. I shook my head.
‘Nearly there.’ I rocked her some more and headed towards her room, the little princess lingered on the verge of asleep and awake. My arms were getting heavy, my back beginning to ache.

‘Y/N? Baby?’ I heard Dean at the door, his voice barely above a whisper.
‘Hey,’ I turned around. He watched my wide eyed as he took in my appearance.
‘Your daughter weighs a tonne.’ I muttered, patting her back. I couldn’t see Dean’s face very well, he had moved into the shadows.
‘She’s beautiful.’ He said quietly.
‘That she is.’ I grinned. ‘I know I turned you down before, but do you think you can take her? Put her to bed. This baby belly is getting in the way. We may need to get a cot where I can lower the sides better. Especially when you go away.’ I smiled. Dean nodded, and came to take Grace. I noticed he was shaking slightly, I looked at him funny. Hoping he wasn’t leaving for another hunt. ‘You changed your clothes.’ I noticed.
‘Ah yeah… I found food on my other shirt.’ He said quietly. I grinned.
‘Told you she eats like you.’ I kissed him, he kissed me back, and it was so passionate and loving. I almost forgot what was happening, until Grace moved. ‘Woops.’ I said quietly. I kissed Graces head ‘Sweet Dreams Gracie.’ I whispered and headed into the viewing room to see what Sam was watching.

When I walked in, I found Dean back in his old shirt watching a basketball game with Sam. My blood ran cold.
‘Dean?’ I asked, my voice breaking.
‘Yeah baby?’ He looked at me, panic washed over his face. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘Were you just in Grace’s room?’ I asked shaking. He shook his head
‘You said you didn’t need help.’ I felt the colour drain from my face.
‘Who the hell is with Grace?’ I asked barely above a whisper, ‘GRACE!’ I screamed running as fast as I could into her room.