Terry Pratchett's 'The Wee Free Men' is getting a movie adaptation from the Jim Henson Company
The first book in Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series is going to be a movie.

With a screenplay by Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Terry Pratchett, we’re finally going to see an adaptation of The Wee Free Men.

The Wee Free Men introduced Tiffany Aching, the young witch who starred in several of Pratchett’s last Discworld books. It also features a group of Discworld characters who seem absolutely perfect for a Jim Henson movie: the Nac Mac Feegle, a community of foul-mouthed and gleefully violent gnomes.


You know what you deserve? You deserve so much better. So many things have happened to you whether its a bad break up, family issues, friends, whatever it is.. you pulled through. You have made it this far and I’m proud of you. You truly deserve the world and since no one can give you that now, find someone that will, apologize, forgive but don’t forget, find new friends. Ones that make plans with you and free their time to give you attention. You deserve all good things and don’t for a second think you’re not worth it because you remind me of the sun, you hide away but always come back even more beautiful than before.
Today, you called. For the first time in 6 months, I actually heard from you. You told me you missed me an hoped to see me soon to catch up, you told me you still loved me. After all of this time, why now? I’m doing good, I have friends that love and care about me, I have a good job, a nice place, I’ve lost feelings for you. That’s what I thought. Now that you have told me your feelings, you fucked everything up. I was supposed to just go on free without you and completely forget about your existence one day. I’m not so sure if I can resist telling you that I want you back. All of the days and months I spent crying, while you were out partying, are wasted.
—  one phone call.

Lovino: i am an undesirable young man condemned to a life of loneliness with my sole companion being bitterness
Antonio: Hello, call me Antonio.
Lovino: you reached into me, to a place I didnt even know existed and filled me with a happiness and belonging and a brilliant joy that went beyond anything I had ever thought possible to experience.
Also, no homo, mate.

I really tried baby, don’t ever think I didn’t. While you were out I was thinking about your stunning smile and your perfectly curved lips. When we got in arguments I would always make sure we were both over it before we went to bed, when you didn’t give me attention all I did was think about how I could get you happy again. When you were sad I held you until you felt better and then talked about it. What did you do for me?

alright then, so here’s a bit of backstory: when shem was created, he was a quiet, neglected, little kid. unfortunately, due to the shady and mysterious circumstances behind his creation, he remained neglected for a very long time. but despite coming from a terrible environment, he had a cheerful disposition and was a little too curious for his own good.

it wasn’t until after he was taken in by the witch, that he also became more outgoing and happy-go-lucky. also these doodles take place shortly after his rescue, which is why he’s running around in nothing but a blanket.

that’s all i can say for now, but i hope that was enough of a reveal for you @hungry-joe! =)

  • someone:*has the audacity to bash shinee*
  • my brain:unleash your inner bitch don't be shy babe
  • my heart:you were raised by Lee Jinki who is an actual archangel sent by the gods of kpop themselves Kim Jonghyun didn't write you lullabies to give you a goodnight's sleep just for you to spread hatred Kim Kibum reminds you time and again to never disrespect anyone and just prove the haters wrong Choi Minho makes it his life's mission to smile and hug and love everyone why don't you do the same and Lee Taemin is your child do you want your innocent baby to copy your wrongdoings?
  • me to that someone:honey, we need to talk let me correct your sins and lead you to the light that is SHINee