Cul na Croise beach, Ardnamurchan by Julian Hodgson
Via Flickr:
The beautiful golden sands of Cul na Croise, on Scotland’s Ardnamurchan peninsula. Cul na Croise has recently been identified as the location for Channel 4’s new big-budget ‘reality TV’ series 'Eden’, in which 24 intrepid people will spend a year trying to fend for themselves, in a manner reminiscent of the BBC’s Castaway series in 2000. The company filming the series, KEO Films, has submitted an application to Highland Council under Section 11 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, for an exemption of the 'right to roam’ land access rights covering an area of 2.4 square kilometres around Cul na Croise and Gortenfern, the effect of which would be to prevent public access to the beach and surrounding area from 7 March 2016 until 20 March 2017. In a report dated 4 November 2015 - which incorrectly states the area affected to be only 2.4 hectares, rather than 2.4 square kilometres - Highland Council recommended that the draft exemption order be put out for public consultation and then forwarded to ministers for approval.