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lief·des·ver·driet (het; o)

1. het met tegenzin wakker zijn om half drie ’s nachts omdat zij rondrent in jouw hoofd, terwijl jij degene bent die er moe van wordt; alleen het soort moeheid waar je helaas niet van kunt slapen.

Swapped Contacts (request)

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader gets a new phone and the contacts get messed up so after she hangs out with josh, she texts her best friend a message about how in love she is w josh & “i know ive said it a thousand times before but i just like him so much” and it gets sent to josh instead and he responds back something like “hey this isnt (best friends name) uh, its josh.” or maybe he facetimes her. idk but josh tells her he likes her back n its rly cute aa

A/N: Thank you for your request! I loved the idea and writing it, I hope you enjoy it! :) xx


Words: 1531 

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not, please tell me!)


As soon as you closed the door, after saying goodbye to Josh, you slide down on it. Burying your face in your hands, you let a frustrated groan out.

Even if you had fun hanging out with Josh, it was a slight torture for you. Stupid you and your stupid feelings. Why did you have to fall for one of your closest friends? Especially for Josh, which you will never ever have even the slightest chance with.

But that boy was just perfect, so no wonder that he stole your heart. He was humble, funny and had a heart of pure gold. Whenever you were feeling down or needed a shoulder to cry onto, Josh was there. He was perfect, in every meaning. But that’s the problem, he was too perfect. So perfect that he deserves so much better than you. That’s why you never told him about your feelings for him. You were afraid that you would loose him as your friend, so you decided to say nothing. The only person who knew about your enormous crush was your best friend Amber.

Speaking of her, you needed to rant about your stupid feelings, in order to feel better. It always goes like this whenever you hung out with Josh. You wrote her, telling her how stupid you are for falling for someone who is way out of your league. She would always try to convince you to just man up and tell him, the chances of Josh feeling the same way being there. But you didn’t want to believe her so you stayed by your plan of keeping shut.

You fiddled around in your back pocket of your jeans, searching for your phone. It was new since your old one died. So new, that you had major problems with it. After numerous attempts of finding her number and opening the messenger app, you finally wrote her.

To: Amber <3
I know I’ve said it already like 12532663 times but I feel like every time I see Josh, I like him more and more and it’s just ughh, how does one stop crushing on a guy? He’s so perfect and I’m just me and I will never have a chance with him and that’s driving me insane rn

You pressed send and stood up, making your way to your kitchen. Maybe ice-cream could help your aching heart. After all, Ben and Jerry are always good listeners.

As you drowned your sorrow, you wondered what took Amber so long to answer. Normally she replies within the first five minutes and it’s already 20 minutes later after you’ve sent that message.

After waiting for more 10 minutes, Amber finally replied. Or at least you thought so.

From: Amber <3
Hey this isn’t Amber, (Y/n), uhm, it’s actually Josh

You dropped your phone onto the kitchen isle. Holy frickin’ Cow. After all of the people you had saved in your contacts, it must have been Josh? Why?!

Before you could even think about a way to tell him that the message wasn’t the truth, just a bad joke, you got an incoming FaceTime call from Amber. Or more likely Josh. You hesitated to pick up, would you really want to face him now? After confessing your abnormally big crush on him? You didn’t want Josh to make fun of you.

But sooner or later, you had to face him again, if you wanted to or not. So why not do it now? Maybe he will believe you when you say that it was a joke.

So after ending your internal battle, you accepted the incoming FaceTime call. Just like you thought, it was Josh’s face on your screen, not Amber’s. Dang it.

„So before you say anything, I- The message wasn’t supposed to be sent to you, it was meant for Amber! And I- uhm, it was a joke, okay? Nothing more. Speaking of it, I did mean to send you the message! It wouldn’t make sense if I sent it to Amber, would it? So okay, now that this is cleared up, I have to go do something, Bye!“ You rambled on and on, your face getting redder and redder. Just as you wanted to end the call or more your misery, Josh stopped you.

„(Y/N)! Slow down, okay? So what you’re saying is, what you wrote in the message isn’t true?“ Before you could even register what your head was doing, you nodded. As soon as you confirmed Josh’s assumptions, his face dropped. He kind of looked sad, like you just destroyed his birthday cake he waited for all year. What…?

„Uhh, okay, I should go now. Bye (Y/N)“  Just as you wanted to tell him the truth because there was the slight chance that he may like you back, he ended the call, leaving you with a blank screen.

Josh truly looked devastated, maybe Amber was right. Maybe he does have feelings for you, more than just for a good friend. As soon as the realization hit you, you grabbed your car keys and ran out of your apartment. Maybe you were crazy for doing this, but if there was even the smallest chance of Josh liking you, you knew you had to take it. Even if it meant embarrassing yourself in front of him.

Never before, you managed to arrive as fast as now at Josh’s apartment. Practically running to his front door, you ringed his doorbell like a crazy maniac. You probably looked like one as well.

It took him only a few moments to open his front door, but for you, it felt like a lifetime. And slowly but surely your new found self-confidence and the feeling that he may like you back faded. You started to debate if it even was a good idea to drive to and confront him. But Josh opened his door and now there was no turning back for you.

Josh looked surprised, to say the least, to see you standing on his door step, out of breath with probably smeared ice-cream on the corners of your mouth. You really should have checked your outer appearance before doing this. Before he could even greet you or ask what you were doing at his place, you took your last remains of self-confidence and started to talk. Or more like ramble.

„I lied, okay? I do have this big enormous and stupid crush on you and believe me, I tried everything to get rid of it because you’re my friend and I’m not supposed to have these kinds of feelings for you, but I do and I can’t change it. I’m sorry that I probably destroy our friendship with this, but as I told you that it was only a joke, you looked so disappointed, like you hoped that my crush on you was real. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you feel the same but when I think about it now, it was stupid of me. You’re way out of my league and I’m sorry that I had to tell you about my stupid feelings and that I just made our friendship thousand times more weird and embarrassing, I hope you-“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence before Josh kissed you. Like actually kissing you.

You probably looked like you’ve seen a ghost because you couldn’t take the fact in that Josh Dun was kissing you. But you quickly snapped out of your haze and kissed him back, and oh boy, did it feel good.

After some more moments, the two of you broke apart. You’re still utterly confused on why he actually kissed you. Just as you wanted to speak up, again, Josh interrupted you.

„I like you too, (Y/N), more than in just a friendly way. Or in your words: I have this big enormous and stupid crush on you, too. I just never thought that you would feel the same until you’ve sent that message.“

„Thanks to my dumb mobile phone then, which somewhat switched my contacts around“ You laughed, Josh joining in. Your face already hurt from grinning so much but you didn’t care because he actually likes you and even kissed you.

„Yeah thanks to your phone“, Josh seemed suddenly somewhat nervous again, before speaking up. „Do you wanna be my girlfriend? I mean, we practically confessed our undying love for each other but I wanna make sure that you’re finally mine.“ Josh shrugged, grinning again.

You rolled your eyes because he’s such a dork, before kissing him softly on the lips. „Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend“

As Josh leaned in to kiss you again, your phone began ringing, showing an incoming call from Josh.

„I’m gonna assume that this is Amber, I’m sorry but I need to take this.“ Josh nodded, signaling you to accept her call.

„(Y/N)! Everything alright? You normally call or write, after you and Josh hung out, I just wanted to make sure that everything’s good.“ You laughed, before telling her that everything is alright and that you do need to tell her some things. And that’s exactly what you did, while you cuddled with your new boyfriend on his couch.

Episode VIII: The Family Reunion on Ach-To

Ren had come for the girl, but before him stood no powerful Force-user, no magnificent sight to behold…no, before him stood an old, pathetic, frail hermit, waiting with a brandished green saber, the anxiety emanating from his being like a toxic gas. Ren grimaced– he wanted nothing to do with Luke Skywalker; he’d left his former Master to suffer in silence and regret many years ago…this time, the punishment must be permanent.

Twilight (Ashton smut)

Summary: You share your first time with your new husband Ashton

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: this is pretty much pure smut, so if that isn’t your cup of tea you should definitely miss this

Requested: yes, by @felicityash

A/N: pls can i marry ash and fuck in a garden okay pls. also, there was meant to be more emphasis on the sun and all but i got carried away and forgot, so whoops

Originally posted by calumacoustic

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“Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?” Ashton’s doting words break through your trance and you glance up to see his smiling face staring at you, adoration written across every feature. “Once or twice.” You reply, squeezing your connected palms and letting them swing in the slight breeze.

“They are the prettiest things I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” As you lean into his side Ashton’s palm slips from your hand and moves to rest across your shoulder, pulling you closer into him.

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Midnight Soldier, short.

Thank you to everyone who helped me decide if I should post this short based on the Winter Soldier.

Here’s what you need to know for this short. Seven years ago Ben sacrificed himself to save earth and evryone thought he died, but Psychobos found him. For five years Psychobos tortured Ben forgot all about his past, Psyhobos trained Ben to become the Midnight Soldier and eventually kill Azmuth. Two years ago Psychobos had Ben attack Earth and Rook found Ben. Lots of stuff happen between then and now. This Short takes place after all of that.

Feel free to ask if there’s anything else about this AU that you need to know.

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"I Had No Idea" a cumbersmut for anon

Can you do a one-shot where Benedict comes how to see his girlfriend dress lingerie because she is role playing as a dominatrix and she turns out to be dom. Basically nice smut. I NEED SMUT!!!

“Hey babe, I’m home.” Ben walked through the front door. You had been upstairs ‘practicing’ all day for something to spice up the romance in the bedroom.

“Hello love.” You walked slowly down the stairs with his riding crop in your hand, a black robe around you covering up a sultry new lingerie.

“Um…” Ben tried to speak but he couldn’t find any words. He cleared his throat and tried to speak again but again failed.

“What’s the matter dear? Cat got your tongue? Or is it me that has your tongue?” You were right in front of him now and with your heels on you were able to croon your neck up just a little to kiss him. Your tongue slid over his soft lips and when he opened you slipped your tongue in and was clearly winning the fight for dominance with his. When Ben slid his hands to your back and then down to your ass to squeeze gently you popped him on his bum with the crop and backed away when Ben broke the kiss with a shout of pain. You just smirked proudly at him and the slight glimmer in your eyes faded as a sexual power came over you.

“No touching until I tell you to.” You said in a sultry tone. “Tonight, you’re mine.” You headed back upstairs slowly and as you did you could hear Ben kick his shoes off and drop everything to the floor to rush up behind you. “Now now love, don’t rush. You’ll want this to last.” You turned your head to talk over your shoulder as you reached the top of the stairs and made your way to the bedroom. You had Ben acting like a small puppy, so close on your heels.

Once you got in the room you turned to Ben and looked him in the eyes, riding crop still in hand as you walked slowly around him. Once behind him you gave another tap on his bottom before returning to face him once again. “Take your shirt off…slowly.” You instruct and Ben does so. One button at a time comes off and Ben is left bare chested exposing his muscles. You took his belt off slowly for him and wrapped it around your hand to hold on for later. Ben smirked and by the growing bulge in his trousers he was extremely turned on. Running your nails lightly down his chest you kissed at his neck and earlobe, jaw and shoulder before moving down to his pants, placing one last kiss above his waistline of his trousers. You unbuttoned and unzipped them then pulled them and his boxers down in one go. His hard cock spring out from their confinement and was already standing nearly straight. You took it firmly into your hand as you dropped the belt and crop. Placing a small kiss to it’s tip and slowly sliding up and down making Benedict moan and growl as his knees shook. You tugged harder and harder then took him into your mouth.

“Fuck!” Ben groaned and nearly collapsed to his knees. He was so close to coming you wanted to drive him right to the edge. You pushed him deep into your mouth hitting the back of your throat a few times before you could taste his precum.
You pulled him out and stood up leaving him a shaking mess with a hard cock, babbling to himself. “Fuck…” He groaned and took a hold of his cock to finish the job.

“Ah ah ah, no no love.” You grabbed his wrist and brought it and the one to his back after taking the silk belt to your robe off. You tied his hands together and whipped his ass with the crop. Ben was groaning and panting, his noises begging you to let him explode. You gently take Ben to the bed and untie his hands. “Lay down in the center.” As Ben got in position you headed to grab another scarf from your dresser drawer and returned to him. “I’ll have you squirming so hard when I finish with you your head will be spinning.” You said in a sexy tone as you took his right wrist and tied it to the bed post, then came the left wrist to the other bed post. Ben was securely fastened for his wild ride now so you let the robe slip over your shoulders and to the floor, pulled the pin from your hair and let it fall to your shoulders running your fingers through it. Ben was already squirming you could see as he glued his eyes to you. “I’ve been waiting for this all day dear, I’m so happy I don’t have to wait much longer.” You winked and got between his legs on your stomach. Your mouth was right at his throbbing cock so you licked from base to tip and kissed once. Your fingernails grazed over his ball sack making his hips buck a bit as he shuttered.

“Baby, please.” He begged.

“No my darling, not yet.” You sat on your knees between his legs and ran your hands over his thighs and legs gently. You became just as anxious to have him fill you but you weren’t about to cave yet. Taking your hands off of his legs you slid them over your breast and sides to the warm damp center between your legs, you slipped your finger around the lace things and into your wet folds.

“Ohhhh…” You moaned, mostly for Ben’s torture. Your fingers rubbed your clit slowly then you moved inside your hole once before pulling out and crawling over Ben and slipping your index and middle finger into his mouth. “Suck on them.” You bit your lip seductively and started to grind over his cock, the heat causing you pleasure and making Ben unable to concentrate on his task at hand, your fingers. You pulled your fingers out and ran them down your chest to your core once again rubbing before getting back to your dry humping. You moaned as the feeling was getting so intense for you. You quickly removed your bra and flung it across the room then leaned over Ben so he could suck and nibble at each nipple. Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him flick them with his tongue and you shoved your panties aside, grabbed his hard dock and thrusted down on him. You screamed out and fell to his chest with the sudden ache and Ben growled so hard he almost came then and there. After gaining your scenes again you began bouncing slowly over him, his cock hitting your right spot every time. “Fuck fuck fuck.” You panted as your pace got faster and Benedict’s grunts grew louder and more frequent. You could feel the warm pleasure building inside of you and you wanted to come so bad but you forced yourself off of him and crawled up to his face, bent over him so he could burry his face into your wetness and you faced back down to his cock. Ben began his slow locks and sucks at your clit and folds making you scream with pleasure. Grabbing his cock you started jerking him repeatedly with hard motions.

“Oh god!!!” He groaned from between your legs and he tensed up.

“Keep eating me or I stop!” You panted and Ben started his relentless quest to eat you out. “Oh oh oh!! B-Ben!!! Fuck!!!” You screamed at the top of your lungs and came all over Ben’s face. Your moans and screams made Ben explode cum all over your hand and himself. You got off of him and leaned over to clean the mess up that you’ve caused, his blood coursing threw his thick vines still and his heavy eyes admiring your work.

“Babe…w-wow.” Was all he could manage to say. “I had, no idea. I had no idea you liked this. Next time, it’s my turn.” Ben said with his deep voice as you laid beside him and then kissed him on his lips, you could taste yourself still on him.

“I look forward to it.” You smiled devilishly.

Arrow Fic: You Know the Secret in the Back of My Skull

Post-5x05. Because “Is it real?” will probably haunt me forever. (And also because there was a weird continuity jump that bugged me so much I felt compelled to write it out to make more sense.)

Title from “Ache for You” by Ben Lee.

You Know the Secret in the Back of My Skull (AO3)

Is it real?

She knows that the question’s coming before he even asks, sees it in his eyes before she tees him up. She can still read him that well.

He was nervous about telling her what he knows of Billy, that’s the tension she had seen clouding his gaze, but as soon as that’s out in the open, it clears the way to the more earnest follow-up, the detail that really matters most to both of them.

Is it real?

She’s imagined a hundred different ways that he could find out about the new man in her life, but selfishly realizes now that all of them involved her actual presence in some way; Oliver catching them out on a date or kissing at the police station or even at the loft. Never like this, where she was the only one being taken by surprise.

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kaza999  asked:

what would pitch and jack's relationship be like if their positions were reversed? if pitch were the courtesan and jack the king, using the umbran system (disregarding the continuity and timeline issues this would cause)?

Yeah you know what? I HAD to write this as a fic. And it got kind of long. 

Presenting to you: 

Title: Pitch the Courtesan

Notes: This is just a quick little ficlet, but I hope you enjoy it :) Thanks to everyone from the Tinychat last night for the advice and the inspiration. 

Summary: Pitch is the youngest prince of the shadow kingdom, but he isn’t interested in the life of leisure that could come with that. He is a fierce warrior, hugely protective of his country, his people.

And then one day his father tells him that it is time to do his duty as a prince. A peace treaty has been drawn up with the Moon, and Pitch is to be an integral part of that.

He is to be given to the young Moon King as a courtesan

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