I’m in love with you. Head over heels, scream it from the rooftops, write hundreds of poems about you, sing you a love song if only I could sing, bring you home flowers just because it’s Monday, get your name tattooed on my ribs, name you my pups mom, already planning my proposal, dying to meet your parents, anxious to take you on a third real date, want to build you our dream home with my bare hands kind of love.
—  Things I say to her by c.r.

i think about this gif a lot bc hannibal and will are having a conversation about how will was always the weird new kid at school and never had any friends and will is like ‘always’ but if you look at his facial expression here that is not the face of someone contemplating a childhood of soul crushing loneliness and feeling like a fuckin weirdo its the face of somebody who is looking dead ass into hannibal’s eyes while almost smiling and thinking ‘but that’s over now bc i have you and u feel me’ FUCKING TELL ME IT ISN’T YOU FUCKING CAN’T FIGHT ME