Young Artists at Work

Young Artists at Work, a program dedicated to nurturing 14 to 18 year old students, celebrated their 18th active year. High school students are chosen and hired by the ACGT as apprentices employed to work on commissioned and personal artworks to be sold at the open house. Groups of parents, friends and art enthusiasts came to support the apprentices. An impressive show of talent was showcased.

Last night the talented group showcased their artwork at their Open House at UT’s Center for Visual Arts. The artists worked on two murals, commissioned park benches and other amazing designs.

Split into two teams named after artists, the teens worked cohesively to create two murals to be erected in Toledo. Team Mucha explored the duality that can be expressed in their art, according to their instructor. Team Warnok worked with whimsical darkness, as their inspiring artist did.

Everyone was just so proud to be a part of the Young Artists success. “I’ve learned more from them than they learned from me.” Courtney Fillion gushed when asked about her apprentices. “To work with such talent is inspiring.”

A reception was held in the Haight Auditorium where organizer Michelle Carlson gave her thanks to everyone involved. She couldn’t express enough how talented the group was.

Hopefully, the Young Artists continue to focus on their art careers. There was talent abound and bringing such passion into the workroom was very inspiring to see. 

For more information about the Young Artists at Work, visit the Arts Commission’s website

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A: an uplifting song

Hey Ya! - OutKast

C: a song from a soundtrack

Lady Marmalade -  Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Lil’ Kim, Mýa 
(from sound track of Moulin  Rouge!)

G: a song to party your butts off to

unravel - tk from ling tosite sigure
parlez vous francais? - Art Vs. Science

T: a lovesong

Tus Ojos - Belanova 

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Brainwaves, Heartbeat, DNA Turned Into Music

There’s probably a joke in here about singing the body electric, but we’re pressed for time today at Discovery News World Headquarters. We’ll put the interns on it.

A team of medical professionals and audio engineers have created the Human Harmonic Project, a sound experiment that “sonically represents the human body at work.”

The project mixes elements of ambient electronic music with actual recordings of rhythmic biological processes like heart beats and brain waves.

Cat Ear Headphones Approach Terminal Cuteness

In fact, the melodies are themselves generated by biological data. Sound engineers converted the four base DNA nucleotides (ACGT) into tones that follow the sequence of a DNA strand. This uptempo melody is blended with a slower melody generated from brain activity — EEG brain waves measured while performing simple tasks.

For drum and bass, as it were, the audio converts the rise and fall of hormone levels along with the (ideally) steady rhythm of heartbeats from an electrocardiograph monitor.

Brain-Implanted ‘Eyeborg’ Turns Colors Into Music

The project is a collaboration between the University of Colorado Hospital and the marketing agency Cactus. The target audience is actually other medical professionals — the audio recording is aimed at getting the attention of doctors and promoting UCH’s research and 2014 outcomes. In fact, the track was pressed onto a limited edition vinyl record and offered to doctors around the country.

For those of us who still have that medical degree on the back burner, the Human Harmonic Project webpage has streaming audio of the track, a downloadable MP3, a behind-the-scenes video and an interactive mixer for isolating the different audio elements.


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You can visit for more helpful information.

Interesting Events in NYC for 20150414
  1. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine (class)
    • 05:00PM
    • 20 West 44th St New York, New York 10036 (Btwn 5th and 6th Avs)
  2. Exchange 2013 SP1’s Edge Role Explained
    • 05:00PM
    • 11 Times Square
  3. The MBBA and MetLife Present Understanding Life Insurance and Disability Insurance
    • 05:00PM
    • 1095 Av of the Americas
  4. ACGT Innovative Leadership Award Gala
    • 05:30PM
    • 35 West 44th St
  5. A hands-on introduction to R
    • 05:30PM
    • 1515 Broadway
  6. The Goldman Lectures on American Civilization and Government: Immigration and the Emerging America Part I
    • 06:00PM
    • 475 Fifth Av
  7. Thomas Leeb at Iridium (April 14, 2015)
    • 06:30PM
  8. DJ Skribble and Black Sheep at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill (April 14, 2015)
    • 07:00PM
  9. DJ Skribble at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill (April 14, 2015)
    • 07:00PM
  10. B.b. King Blues Club All at Lucille’s Bar & Grill, B.B. King’s Blues Club (April 14, 2015)
    • 07:30PM
Toledo's 2nd Annual Music Festival Attracts Huge Crowds To Celebrate Local Live Music

Inland Empire has Coachella, Chicago has Lollapalooza, and UpTown Toledo has SoundTrek. The live music festival celebrated its second year this last weekend. The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo put on a great show for live music lovers. With cover a mere $15 at a venue door, festival goers enjoyed unlimited fun, music and memories.

Up and around Adams Street, people could be seen walking, biking and taking pedicabs, courtesy of Glass City Pedicabs to venues all over the festival. Merch tents, food vendors, street musicians, and volunteers lined the streets. As overheard by one festival goer, “it smells like culture here.”

Eleven venues with over 30 talented musicians representing all genres of music took over bars, restaurants and other local venues. Toledo’s budding Entertainment District was the place to be to experience live music from all over the region. Local favorites lit up the night and there was plenty to do and see. The one night event celebrated its second year by headlining Glass City Steel, Jack & The Bear, The Faux Paus, GoLab, and America’s Got Talent alum Hershae Chocolatae.

With everything going on, I couldn’t make it to everything but I did my best to make it to the highlights that everyone could not stop talking about. I had it on good authority to visit some of the highlights. By the end of the night, I had made it to almost every venue, save for only 3.

After meeting up with friends, I went to Wesley’s Bar to check out Great Lakes Crew. Boasting “hip hop from the Fourth Coast” the group entertained a patio crowd of around 35 with work from their latest EP, The Marina Projects. The trio worked the crowd with trip-hop, catchy lyrics and immense stage presence. An impressive set and a very receptive crowd made the set a great opener to my night.

Over at Glass City Café, Old State Line and JW Carlson & The Heart Strings played back to back sets to a packed house. Both Americana groups, the bands brought in a plethora of instruments to serenade the fans with string instruments found in ages past. The restaurant was very impressed and there was standing room only long after the bands finished. An impressive show, the band members were all pleased to be a part of something so substantial.

Local all-female band, The Faux Paus was hosted by The Toledo City Paper. Under a huge canopy outdoors, the largest venue of the night was heavily populated with fans screaming along with the very enthusiastic band. The stage was low enough the fans got to be very close and personal with the band. Their drummer, Carrie Theuring stole the show with her stage persona, winking at fans, and rocking out encouraging the crowd to follow her lead. The sonic rock sound they possess is impressively pure and the SoundTrek crowd was thrilled to party with them.

GoLab, an electronic duo formed from Stylex members Joel Roberts and Jeff Loose ripped up The Ottawa Tavern. With a very dedicated fan base rocking out to the experimental electro-pop rock band used a myriad of lights and sounds to excite the crowd. The mad genius effect was very satisfying in the dark alternative venue.

The night wrapped up with DJ Casey “3pm” Clark teaming up with Rocky Simplicity cranking out remixes at Bretz Nightclub late into the night. With many of the volunteers and Arts Commission committee members ending up there, it was the perfect uncomplicated end to a great festival.  

For more information on SoundTrek and how you can be more involved next year, contact the ACGT.

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If you had a Chumhandle that followed ACGT format, what would it be?


(uncooperative penis)  

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What does it mean when someones asks you "If you had a Chumhandle that followed ACGT format, what would it be?". Like what is ACGT format???

ACGT format is what the canon characters use, like arachnidsGrip for example, the shortening comes out to AG
The acronyms of the chumhandles are any of sixteen possible combinations of the letters A,C,G,T

'You Are Here' launches in Toledo.

Kate from Drollhouse Magazine who did a dot holding up the map of YAH.

This week, all eyes in the Art Community were on the launch of the Arts Commission’s You Are Here Project. The project, inspired by the ‘You Are Here’ Dots found on mall directories. Jenn Stucker, president of AIGA Toledo was the mastermind behind this year’s summer project. Jenn was impressed with “explosion of art” from the many talented artists who entered their portfolios. 218 artists submitted work, and 100 were chosen and randomly selected a venue. The Glass Arts Society Conference has created a need for a summer arts project to showcase our great city. Funded by Toledo’s ‘1% for Arts,’ the project joins a list of citywide summer projects, like the Downtown Windows and The Urban Forest Project. Toledo’s Art Commission has created citywide art destinations to showcase local artists, important Toledo locales, and create urban interest. The project was officially launched at the Valentine Theatre, Tuesday night. Event coordinators, media outlets, art enthusiasts, and most of the 100 artists involved in the project came out to support You Are Here.

The concept of the project is uncomplicated and crowd-friendly. 100 dots, created by 100 artists from around the Toledo area, are located at 100 venues in the Toledo city limits, showcasing tourist, historical, and artistic buildings. Each dot is an artwork inspired by the site, along with a corresponding website link and QR Code. With the You Are Here app (downloaded from iTunes or Google Market), you can explore the city, collect the dots by scanning the QR code. When scanned, the QR Code will give an artist’s statement, a history of the building, and To jumpstart the project, the first 100 people to collect 25 dots receive a limited edition poster showcasing all of the dots.

Patrice Spitzer, forewoman of the Spitzer Building was pleased with the work of Nathan Daulbaugh, whose dot featured the highs and lows of the building’s architecture. Nathan was inspired by the building’s tenants and the clients they served. The Spitzer Building, which has long served as a host to many firms, where Nathan felt “when people visit a lawyer, they are either at a high point or a low point in their life and that really spoke to me.” I was able to speak to them briefly, and they were incredibly impressed with You Are Here and the support they were given from the Arts Commission and the locals.

The project will be up until mid-October and be promoted at the Glass Arts Society Conference and around the city throughout the summer. To find out more information about the You Are Here Project, visit their website and like them on Facebook