acg.dream 2011


In possession of delicate painting skills & creative ideas and capable of dazzling design, the Japanese cartoonist Nao Tsukiji witnessed her first work much favored by readers. Her hot manga by the name of “Adekan” has also inspired lots of cosplay fans to challenge themselves and bring forth striking works.

This time, Luan Mengjie (Sorcerer) joined forces with the senior stylist & dress designer Miluku to present the audience with a dazzling cosplay show of Adekan.

Related cosplay photos of Adekan made their first appearance in Luan’s fourth personal cosplay photo exhibition supported by ACG.Dream 2011 (Luan Mengjie (Sorcerer) to Hold His Fourth Cosplay Photo Exhibition at ACG.Dream) in Tianjin, China.

Cosplayer Name: MILUKU