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you deserve more than just a pat on the head and a gold star! you've done a lot! going out and accomplishing anything at all (not to mention stuff that's super serious and all adult-y) while you feel terrible is really kind of going above and beyond.

thank you. i’m so exhausted i just threw up and i’m having weird sound and color hallucinations ugh pls knock me out i can’t do this anymore

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hello angel of earth! i have been so busy and also kind of weird so i didn't leave you a message in a while but here i am! i rushed over here to leave you a message and i didn't think of anything really cool to ask you! :( sorry! i just have what is on the top of my mind and that its my own hair color. i am obsessed with everything you do with your hair *_* and i want to change mine from my typical black. what to do??? i can't choose! i want them all.

aww hey thank you thank you sweetie !! i’m so out of it rn idk what to say anyway. and yes just try everything tbh i love changing my hair and have had everything and gone back a few times over to some things, it’s just so much fun playing with your hair as long as you take good care of it and don’t damage it more than necessary :3