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I'd personally prefer it if you kept it on ao3 but I do see your point... I mainly am on mobile so tumblr and fanfiction are harder to acess for me so ao3 was a real blessing... but it's your story and as a minor i have some of the problems u describe, i can deal with some porn popping up on searches or suprise porn in stories but there is no way of stopping some of the problematic™ stuff that comes up and it bothers me enough i stick to bookmarks and recs mostly and avoid tags

Haha yeah! 

Like I said,’s app is wonderful, though you have to save the fic to the app’s library to get it to update on your phone iirc? but it’s got so many options and reading is so much easier on there, the download options saved my life when I was off in no internet land.

Tumblr fic is…pseudo-accessible. You can get notifications for the blog and such, so I could make a blog strictly for updates… I’ll look into it.


‘It’s the silver water serpent coming from the air to beat the black snake’

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline temporarily won their battle Sunday when the pipeline’s builder’s were denied a permit to continue construction underneath the Missouri River.

The defeat of an energy company by indigenous activists shows what nonviolent unity can accomplish.   

Police, Protesters Clash Near Dakota Access Pipeline Route

Police and demonstrators opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline clashed overnight on a bridge that has been a flashpoint in the ongoing protests.

“Police say protesters set fires in the area Sunday night and threw rocks at officers,” Prairie Public Broadcasting’s Amy Sisk reported. But an activist said in a live-stream video that projectiles fired from the police side started the fires and that demonstrators, who call themselves water protectors, were trying to extinguish the flames.

“Police used tear gas and sprayed water to control the crowd while the temperature dropped below freezing,” Sisk said. “Protest leaders are concerned about hypothermia and injuries sustained by demonstrators.”

The number of people injured ranged from dozens to hundreds, according to varying reports from activist and anti-pipeline groups. At least one person was arrested, Sisk said.

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cutthroat kitchen season 1: If you win this auction you can force two of your opponents to switch baskets

cutthroat kitchen season 14: If you win this auction you can force one of your opponents to prep and cook on a table that rotates around a motorized hamster wheel 

cutthroat kitchen season 33: If you win this auction you can force one of your opponents to wrestle and subdue an unrestrained alligator everytime they want to acess their prep station

The following is a message from @mxrebxrrow’s secret santa!

for @mxrebxrrow

Some really bad TLC jokes from your secret santa!

What would Cinder name her dog?


Why is Thorne such a good driver?

Because he cars well.

Why is the Lunar monarchy terrible at cooking?

Because they Blackburn everything.

Why doesn’t Cress pack very much when she goes horseback riding?

She prefers to keep her saddle-light.

What did Dr. Erland almost say the first time he met Cress?

Shell we introduce ourselves?

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week!


So remember when I asked if anyone wanted me to do a superbat fic rec master post, this is the result of me trying and failing. Instead I’m just gonna share my favorites (tbh this is just for me to have an easy way of acessing them). There was so many fics that I couldn’t really decide between them, so I thought it would be better to split in two posts, the next one it will probably be posted in january.

Garden Of Earthly Delights and All That’s Best Of Light And Dark by  Dannell Lites Archivist (offpanel_archivist)

Complimentary by mithen

Dark Knight, Bright Son by sofia_gigante - BDSM; this series is still on going.

Temptation and Strength by mithen

Split Second (part I), Unity(part II) by aDarkerKnight

Once He Had Believed by Romany - millerverse

Pipe Dreams by aDarkerKnight

Say It Like You Mean It and the sequel All He Had to Do Was Turn  by Romany -  clois superbat fic

Puppy Love, or, the Dog Prince by mithen

Ties that Bind by Slash_addict

If You Want a Spoonful of Sugar, Get Mary Poppins by RileyC

Complements Series by whiteroses77  -  warning for rape in PART 5

…If You’ll Have Me by mithen

Hookerino: The Clark/Bruce Opus by tmelange - this one is unfortunately unfinished, but I think it ends in a way that it kind of serves as a good ending so you won’t feel idk unfufilled by the way it finished. *

Dilectus Meus Mihi… by mithen

Stranger in a Strange Land  by mithen

In Flight As In Love by kungfunurse - dragon  

Acts of Man by aintitnifty

Once Upon A Dream by whiteroses77

Fake Empires by copperbadge

Agonists by whiteroses77

Interview with a Batman by mithen

Waiting for Lightning by RileyC

That Which We Call a Rose by arysteia

B-theory of Time by PsychopompSentinel

Keeping Busy by kleine_aster *

Concurrence by whiteroses77

Rubicon by BuckinghamAlice

Rules of Engagement by Bekkoni

Don’t Give up the Curse by Trista_zevkia

You’re Sad When You Sleep by emotionaloversuperheroes

And We Will Face The World by khazadspoon

Clark Kent Kissed Me by RileyC

Just a Formality by FabulaRasa

Raspberries and Writing Exercises by PsychopompSentinel

Winter’s So Cold This Year by RileyC (sequel to “Cruise Control”) *

Le Petit-Déjeuner des Amoureux by BuckinghamAlice

Healthy Appetites by MissDelish

Eclipseby whiteroses77

We’ll Have to Muddle Through Somehow by RileyC

One Year Later by Evilpixie - ABO

A Winter Romance by Magnetism_bind  *

Superman and the Monstrous Bat-Man of Gotham City by EloiseReed  *

Relinquishing Control by foxyk

Well Versedby whiteroses77

This Looks Like Job For Brucie?! by Trista_zevkia *

The Flare by crypt_mirror

Human Cruelty/Human Kindness by BuckinghamAlice

Two Ends of a Wormhole by Emanium

A Sky Full of Ghosts by RileyC

It Happened One Night by BradyGirl_12 *

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore by Emanium - very sad

Settling and the sequel Not Quite Right by Skalidra - ABO

Opposites Eventually Attract by Pandamomochan

Catastrophic Results by navaan

If Only We Liked Each Other… by BuckinghamAlice

A Uniform Intermittent Rotary Motion by ren_makoto

Light The Night by marrymecap (TsukinoKei) - age gap, warning for dubious consent in the third chapter.

Lost and Found by FreshPrincessofCheyne

Before Dawn by vesper_house

Bruce and Clark: Mathletes by batneko, TheUnvanquishedZims - unfinished

Lightning and Timeby mithen

Jar of (Broken) Heartsby carzla

Deviant Nights  by VoileOui

phantasia by carzla

Ghosts by Kitexa

Begging for Mercy by mithen

Take Me, I’m Yours. by VasilisaTheAngel

The Long Hangover by CoffioCake

let’s do the time warp (again) by SerpentineJ

Sometimes, Always, Never by Steals_Thyme (Liodain)

Kryptomycota by flirtygaybrit

intimate strangers by distortopia

Mix & Match by SuperClark_BatBruce

tell all the truth (but tell it slant) by susiecarter *

Learning to Deserve You by ceemobster

Something About Clark by Alexicon

Human by JustAJellyfish

Maybe by Lopithecus

What I’ve Lost by Lopithecus

Making the Headlines by Crosses_and_Qoutes

Inconsolable by roseandtiger

To Say These Words by braveandthebold

Until The Next Pie, Until The Next Tombstone by awakencordy

The Waiting Game by hellodarlingjen - ABO; still on going.

These Things Happen To Other People by A_M_Kelley

as to which may be the true by susiecarter

The Other Explanation by thedevilchicken

Love, Changing Tenses by susiecarter

Only Way Out Is Through by saltedpin

that which you call home by metropolisjournal (TKodami)

The Anointment by vesper_house - better not read if you are sensible about religion.

Pet Bat by linndechir - BDSM

Hold Me Fast by crypt_mirror - warning for rape; still on going; superbat and aquasuper.

None So Blind by mithen

Caped Crusaders by Kaoro - historical, set during the Crusades.

Dancing on Air by mithen

Worth It by twinsarein - voyerism

Simulation Hypothesis by FictionalKnight (Northern_Star), skund

Last Life by skund               

Instinctby skund  

So Lengthy a Session With Shade  by  mithen

Fluttering by Trista_zevkia        

Waiting for the Dark Kali Cephirot (10AlliraDream84)            

Help Meby fights                 

There is Little Danger  by ren_makoto

Gardens of Wayne Manor by mithen

The Senator’s Son and the Playboy Series by whiteroses77 

All This Time by amphitrite *

Attachments by mithen      

Allurement by whiteroses77

Switching by mithen                

A Footstep Away From Infinityby Northern_Star

Passing Through. by whiteroses77

Five Times Batman Got It Wrong (and one time Brucie didn’t) by irrelevant

In Rain Or Shine by RileyC *

Snow Capped Romance by FictionalKnight (Northern_Star)

Clipe de Bad Things + Camren

Me pediram bastante um post sobre o clipe de Bad Things, então aqui vai. Tem algumas observações que coloquei entre parênteses! Espero que gostem. Acesse o post original clicando aqui.

Okay, então nós vimos essa cena que é vagamente similar a um photoshoot que as meninas fizeram e Camila e Lauren estavam deitadas perto uma da outra.

Camila então também é vista com um casaco assustadoramente similar a um que Lauren já usou.

Nas cenas em que ocorre um close-up em Camila, ela está segurando uma rosa amarela com partes rosa, que é símbolo de se apaixonar por um amigo. Acontece de ser o mesmo tipo de rosa que Lauren tem em sua header do Twitter.

Todos nós sabemos sobre Camila e Lauren serem o sol e a lua e em Bad Things, Camila está usando um anel do sol e MGK um brinco da lua. (Pra ser sincera, não vi bem um sol e o brinco de MGK parece uma vírgula, não uma lua!)

No vídeo de Bad Things, os atores são vistos se abraçando na infância. Isso não tem relevância na história e as cenas são mostradas em um curto período de tempo. Parecem que estão atuando como a jovem Camila e a Lauren quando viraram amigas em uma idade similar a dos atores.

Em um certo tempo em Bad Things, Camila é deixada sozinha na cozinha com uma tiara de princesa. No dia 26 de Novembro de 2012, Lauren postou uma foto da Camila em uma cozinha com a legenda “minha princesa cor-de-rosa” em seu Instagram. Enquanto isso, há flores murchas no fundo. É símbolo de um relacionamento quebrado?
Como fazer uma lente macro para celular com uma caneta laser [Área 42] - TecMundo
:: Se você gosta de fotografias, é muito provável que ...

Se você gosta de fotografias, assim como eu <3. É muito provável que você conheça bem o conceito de fotos macro. Esse tipo de fotografia registra de forma bem próxima os objetos, a natureza… Mostrando todos os seus incríveis e específicos detalhes. Mas quem disse que você precisa de um equipamento especial para criar esse tipo de foto? 

Acesse o vídeo e saiba como é bem simples e barato!

Como fazer uma lente macro para celular, com uma caneta laser - Canal TecMundo, programa Área 42.

  • Misono: *watching something on his phone* It’s very complex.
  • Lily: Misono?
  • Misono: If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear?
  • Everyone else in the room:
  • Lily: *starts laughing nervously*
  • Misono: Perhaps she has done something wrong.
Everything - Drabble

Originally posted by kingsebastian

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


Your eyes focused on him, finally. He was the last person to leave the quinjet, holding his flesh arm with blood on various spots.

You ran to Bucky, gingerly touching his injured shoulder, trying to acess some of the damage. “There’s no need to freak out. Everything’s almost healed by now.”

Obviously, Bucky had a healing rate superior thanks to the supersoldier serum, but he wasn’t invincible. And he still needed medical care, which he refused. Unsurprised, you made him sat down on the bed, removed his heavy gear and grabbed every tool you thought would be useful. There were no major injuries, but he was far from healed.

As you attended his injuries, you could feel his eyes focused on you, his gaze filled with admiration and love.

Your eyes moved to meet his, only for you to lower your head due to its intensity. “Stop looking at me like I’m your everything.”

“But that’s exactly what you are to me, doll.”

There’s still posts going around saying Gatekeeping was for trans women to describe not getting medical care.

Primary Care Gatekeeping” was the term for describing the lack acess to needed health care. 

The term “Gatekeeping” itself was coined by Kurt Lewin in the 1940′s, referring to how people in charge filter/supress “unwanted” information from getting to the public. 

Okay kids, how about tagging ME: Andromeda spoilers. Technically the game isn’t even fucking out yet. Have some consideration for those who are unable to play it early, please and thank you.

(and before someone says “yadda yadda you shouldn’t use the Internet if you don’t wanna get spoiled” consider the following: shut up)