Paige Russell’s Eloi scarves come into the world as construction paper compositions. Unwilling to sentence these creations to a two-dimensional life, Paige transposes her work onto silk, allowing them an infinite number of transcendent new realities — worn around a collar, as a crown or tied tooth-ache around the head of a cayenne-colored hound dog. Paige made the Eloi Le Grande Zombi Scarf for our new home in New Orleans, a celebratory homage to the cultural richness of New Orleans Voodoo and the city itself. 

We were lucky enough to catch a minute with Paige to talk about her life and work in Austin, what she’s listening to and how to find inspiration in everyday moments. 

Hi Paige. I’ve been thinking about your scarves. I can only imagine what it feels like to make a thing and then have it suddenly exist folded up around someone’s neck. It’s such an intimate place. Suddenly your art is just out in the world, so close to someone. They probably get their perfume on it and the crumbs from their croissant. It’s so different than hanging something in a gallery where it’s just ogled from a distance. What does that feel like?

I think it’s awesome. I love that idea. I’ve always been a person that just wants to surround myself with beautiful objects. That’s just very important to me, to look at pretty things. For someone to choose to bring an object into their life that I made, it’s so cool. You’re right. A scarf is such a classic, utilitarian item. It’s used in so many different ways. It’s an intimate thing, and the fact that people would want to use something everyday with my work on it feels really special.

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Sleep tight.

Unparalleled object periodical THE THING Quarterly recently released their twenty-second edition, and it’s a doozy: a new work by American treasure John Baldessari. Like all of THE THING’s things, it’s meant to be used — two standard sized pillowcases silkscreened with a film still from Baldessari’s collection, a mise en abyme of a tranquil, anonymous woman clutching a pillow.

It’s beautiful, and we’ve got some in our shop.