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Whats this whole deal with aces and cakes? (love, a confused acearo whos not too up to date on this stuff)

It started out as a joke because someone said most aces would rather have cake than sex- that’s obviously not true as some aces love sex, but the joke is still relevant to some people


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The queerplatonic thing seems part of that willful self-infantization a lot of obnoxious aces do (obviously #notallaces tho). Like, "allos love sex while aces love cake; we draw dinosaurs while u think of genitals XDDD!!" Only gross allos have sexual attraction (blech!) or fall in love (gross!). Me and my QPR Zucchini are best friends having sleepovers forever who don't do any of that yucky adult romance stuff!!!

lmao maybe. every time i hear descriptions of queerplatonic stuff its like “you go out to restaurants with ur qpp” thats friendship, like its always just things close friends do which makes me think these people just dont have best friends irl and dont realize these are all.. normal things u do with a very close friend

For all the aces in relationships with allos

They feel romantic attraction too.

They feel the same rush of emotion from romantic interactions as you do; If it’s enough for you, chances are it’s enough for them, too.

More sexual attraction does not mean less romantic attraction. There is no ceiling for attraction; types of attraction are not percentages that have to add up to 100. They likely feel just as much romantic attraction for you as you do for them. For them, sexual attraction is like icing on the cake, and regardless of your thoughts about icing, more or less icing does not mean more or less cake.

also in my experience aroace ppl or ppl who have ace as their only orientation are SO desperate for attention and to get people to know that they’re not a nasty allo that they insert their asexuality into everything and make every fucking conversation about their asexuality like

Debra: “Man, this cheese sandwich is really nice, don’t you think so Sharon?”

Sharon: “You know what else has cheese? Cheesecake … and cheesecake is cake … and you know what reminds me of cake? Being asexual … I love being ace! haha cake is so much better than sex lol”

Debra: “… Sharon I literally want to kill you right now”

Here’s to tiny adorable aces

Here’s to gigantic aces who can put the little ones on their shoulders

Here’s to aces who blend perfectly into society

Here’s to aces who stick out like an odd thumb

Here’s to aces who love cake and dragons and purple

Here’s to aces who are sick to death of all the cheesy pride things this absurd community has come up with

You’re all amazing, never forget it

Lo and behold, an Ace Card selfie from yours truly. Please enjoy my mediocre selfie displaying my alloromantic (heteroromantic in my case) asexual card :)

Wishing everyone a truly lovely Ace Day, National Cake Day, and Thanksgiving. May your day be full of turkey, cake, gratitude, and pride.

I know what I’m thankful for today. And guess what? It’s all of you. Every last one of you. I love all of you. Never forget that.

Yours truly,
Nat, aka the random teenage asexual girl that owns this blog and is really nothing special so I don’t know why you guys follow me but whatever the reason, I’m grateful for you all

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Stereotypes that apply to many aces: Love of cake and puns, wearing a black ring, being really lovely people, etc, etc. Stereotypes that are actually 100% true for all aces,: Little to no sexual attraction, and a secret desire to conquer the world.

don’t forget the invisibility powers/cloaks