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Jon: the world benefit greatly from the cease of your insistent banter


oh man guys it’s so hot right now in southern california. Like no cloud in the sky, sun high and blazing, it’s barely 7 am and it’s already 80 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of heat. It’s beginning. 


And tomorrow we’re hitting triple digits *cries*

I hate summer.  What does this heat benefit? you can’t do anything comfortable outside unless you wanna burn, your garden plants get cooked, your poor pets get overheated, traffic becomes more hellish than regular. *sigh*

At least it “cools” down somewhat around 5pm ( the breeze starts kicking in and thankfully not a too hot one). I should enjoy this before real summer heat hits.

At least i have good heat tolerance, but i still hate it.


FuruyaWeek » Day 2: Strength

“It’s not over yet. The sound of the fastball in the bullpen clears any doubt in our minds about winning.

ratchulous  asked:

FOR THE DRABBLE ASK GAME: number 6, ereri ! ;D (btw i love ur icon js)

omg thank you!!!! sorry this is so late i’m trash and i have no idea what’s going on here i just hope you like it nonetheless

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Eren woke up to the sound of someone talking in the other room, a headache that could rival that of his 21st birthday and a vague sensation that something is very off. 

With a groan he tried to sit up, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to elevate the pressure behind his eyes but only managing to make it worse and flopping back unto the bed with another groan and decidedly doing his best imitation of a dying puppy.

Apparently he made too much noise because whoever it was talking outside peered in and quickly whispered a goodbye to whoever they were talking to before they entered the room.

“Look who has finally decided to join the land of the living.” Came the teasing tone that was definitely not either Armin or MIkasa and it quickly sobered him up enough to make him open his eyes and squint at whoever it was standing in the doorway. 

“You’re not Armin.”

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Tsui Hark’s Mad Mission Part III: Our Man from Bond Street (aka Aces Go Places III) (1984)

Before becoming the leading light of the 1980s Hong Kong New Wave, Tsui Hark directed a trio of violent, politically-charged provocations: the martial arts film The Buttefly Murders (1979), the cannibal comedy We’re Going to Eat You (1980), and the political drama Dangerous Encounters - First Kind (1980). When those films met with censorship and poor box office, Tsui changed course and headed into commercial territory with the goofy comedy All the Wrong Clues (1981) and the Spielberg-influenced fantasy Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983). From that point on, he became something of a Steven Spielberg of Hong Kong cinema, turning out a string of commercial hits as either director (Peking Opera Blues) or very hands-on producer (A Better Tomorrow, A Chinese Ghost Story). Purists lament that he traded politics for pyrotechnics, although his excellent kung-fu series Once Upon a Time in China gives an interesting nationalist spin to the Wong Fei-hung legend.

Here’s one that’s definitely not a serious political film: the third entry in a series of silly, silly spy comedies starring Samuel Hui, Karl Maka, and Sylvia Chang. Master thief Sam Hong Kong (Hui) is tricked by lookalikes of Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond (the latter played by an actor who does look quite a bit like Never Say Never Again-era Sean Connery) into stealing a diamond. What follows are a variety of shenanigans that don’t make any sense, including a classic sequence involving a bunch of thieves dressed up as Santa Claus. Slumming Bond veterans Richard “Jaws” Kiel and Harold “Oddjob” Sakata cash a cheque, as does Peter Graves.

Best enjoyed drunk.

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tumblr is always (rightfully) criticizing when men are praised for doing nothing but treat women like humans and be respectful but as soon as agent chad michael murray finally acknowledges that peggy is one of his co-workers just like all of the male agents and invites her to join them for a drink after work i see a bunch of people glorifying the moment like he’s suddenly about to join the feminist movement

#otp: i owe you a bourbon? yeah asshole you owe her a shitton of bourbons for all the times you and your pals completely dismissed her existence and it’s gonna take you more than that 1 (one) demonstration of respect to make up for your previous behaviour

it’s baffling how it took some people here so little to act like it’s suddenly acceptable to ship peggy with the single most sexist guy out of the entire show who up until the end of episode 5 had done nothing but treat her like shit

like yeah congrats agent cmm for doing nothing more than what you were supposed to be doing all along whatsoever


pretty much sums up last night.

one of the best movies i’ve seen in a while. fucking HILARIOUS!

Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit (Liu Chia-liang, 1989)

mad mission number five. Liu Chia-Liang directs so that may be why the martial arts and swordplay is considerably upped, and there’s a host of co-stars and cameos to help them through it. but Sylvia Chang isn’t in this so therefore it SUCKS. no, it’s ok, though maybe the least in the series of which it is, perhaps not unsurprisingly, the last.