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I know I’ve said this before, but…

I understand people not wanting to reblog ace discourse posts. I even understand people not feeling safe reblogging ace and aro positivity posts for fear that it will start drama they don’t have the spoons to handle.

But if you can, please consider reblogging any ace and aro positivity posts you see.

It is extremely damaging to the mental health of aces and aros to constantly see hatred directed at our orientation (especially those of us who are minors and/or mentally ill.)

I can guarantee you that you have some a-spec followers, so please consider reblogging some positive posts for us to break up the constant stream of hate we have to deal with.

Jon: the world benefit greatly from the cease of your insistent banter


oh man guys it’s so hot right now in southern california. Like no cloud in the sky, sun high and blazing, it’s barely 7 am and it’s already 80 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of heat. It’s beginning. 


And tomorrow we’re hitting triple digits *cries*

I hate summer.  What does this heat benefit? you can’t do anything comfortable outside unless you wanna burn, your garden plants get cooked, your poor pets get overheated, traffic becomes more hellish than regular. *sigh*

At least it “cools” down somewhat around 5pm ( the breeze starts kicking in and thankfully not a too hot one). I should enjoy this before real summer heat hits.

At least i have good heat tolerance, but i still hate it.

Dangerous Games in which Gant is an ass and yay for the Pigeon Man’s existence

Oh look more. I should consider expanding backwards at some point just maybe. Part 1′s not really a start. But speaking of:

Part 1

Part 2 (directly connected to Part 1)

Pissing off Lynne (a small reference to this one in this chunk below)

Fake drunkenness, quick investigation and speeches

Cabanela knocks at the office door of the last man he wants to see before he enters. Gant sits at his desk. Cabanela finds his eyes, as is ever the case when he’s forced to come here, drawn with distaste to the pipe organ against one wall. Loud, stuffy, ostentatious. It fits in with the rest of the office in that regard and possibly the owner. He’s all for a good show, but where’s the style?

Gant waves him over and gestures to a chair across from hm. “Cabsy! Come in. Sit down. Done any swimming lately?”

“Not quite my styyyle,” Cabanela replies, lounging in the chair across from Gant.  

“Ha, ha. I’ll convince you one of these days. Now, I didn’t just call you up for a chat. I have a bit of news for you.”

“I’m all eaaars, Chief.”

“The Justice Minister has passed an order onto us, an execution order for Prisoner D-99. Looks like that old penalty is coming back. End of the month.”

No. He manages to force words out and hopes he sounds calmer than he feels. “An execution… why now?” What did you do?

“The Minister has his reasons I’m sure! He was very insistent on it.”

Cabanela feels like static has taken over his brain, but he’s able to catch Gant’s next words.

“Now I know dealing with prisoners is a bit below you, but I had a teeny little favour to ask. I wouldn’t normally bother you with this, but it is a rather sensitive matter. Frankly the whole case was a bit of an embarrassment. If I could trust you to take care of a bit of paperwork for the prison? All those loose ends to tie off.”

Steady… Don’t yell. Don’t shoot. “Of couuurse.” You bastard, you absolute bastard.

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ok, i know it’s hot everywhere and i’ve lived places that get way hotter than this, but when your normal temp is 20 degrees cooler than what you’re experiencing it feels REALLY hot. 

in other words, it’s 96 degrees in ye olde baye area and i would really like it to go back to the usual 76 degrees as soon as effing possible. 


FuruyaWeek » Day 2: Strength

“It’s not over yet. The sound of the fastball in the bullpen clears any doubt in our minds about winning.

Scott and Stiles being in a sexual queerplatonic relationship.

Stiles being a bisexual aromantic and Scott being a demisexual panromantic.

Scott and Stiles loving each other in a platonic way while being sexually attracted to each other.

Scott and Stiles sharing everything, living together, knowing the other more than they know themselves and being there for each other all the time.

Scott and Stiles not remembering how they lives were when they weren’t together.

Scott and Stiles just spending their time together (talking, playing videogames, trying to study or not studying at all because, yeah, sex ;) )

Scott or Stiles explaining people how there are different types of love and that the fact that they love each other in a non-romantic way doesn’t make their love any less valid.

(Scott being the one who sits down and explains how he sees “friendship” as an umbrella term for friends who hang out, casual friends, close friends, best friends and queerplatonic partners. And then going into a long explanation about sexual orientations and romantic orientations and how you can have a sexual relationship with someone without having a romantic one or viceversa.

Stiles being the one who explains it one time and then just tells the person to please use Google).

Scott and Stiles being in a sexual queerplatonic relationship.


There’s a lot of mixed feelings going around about Ubisoft making more AC games, including some who are asking Ubisoft to just “let it die already.”

and I’m just like

please don’t ever stop making these games

Growth: a follow-up to this post

Initially I want to add Ryoma as well because the Ryoma at the end of Prince of Tennis has grown so much from the lonely, arrogant boy at the beginning, but I got lazy. Anyway, I love the characters’ development of Kageyama and Furuya (so far). It’s incredibly heart-warming to see how they slowly learn how to be in a team and to rely on others, that there are always reliable team mates behind them.



Tsui Hark’s Mad Mission Part III: Our Man from Bond Street (aka Aces Go Places III) (1984)

Before becoming the leading light of the 1980s Hong Kong New Wave, Tsui Hark directed a trio of violent, politically-charged provocations: the martial arts film The Buttefly Murders (1979), the cannibal comedy We’re Going to Eat You (1980), and the political drama Dangerous Encounters - First Kind (1980). When those films met with censorship and poor box office, Tsui changed course and headed into commercial territory with the goofy comedy All the Wrong Clues (1981) and the Spielberg-influenced fantasy Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983). From that point on, he became something of a Steven Spielberg of Hong Kong cinema, turning out a string of commercial hits as either director (Peking Opera Blues) or very hands-on producer (A Better Tomorrow, A Chinese Ghost Story). Purists lament that he traded politics for pyrotechnics, although his excellent kung-fu series Once Upon a Time in China gives an interesting nationalist spin to the Wong Fei-hung legend.

Here’s one that’s definitely not a serious political film: the third entry in a series of silly, silly spy comedies starring Samuel Hui, Karl Maka, and Sylvia Chang. Master thief Sam Hong Kong (Hui) is tricked by lookalikes of Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond (the latter played by an actor who does look quite a bit like Never Say Never Again-era Sean Connery) into stealing a diamond. What follows are a variety of shenanigans that don’t make any sense, including a classic sequence involving a bunch of thieves dressed up as Santa Claus. Slumming Bond veterans Richard “Jaws” Kiel and Harold “Oddjob” Sakata cash a cheque, as does Peter Graves.

Best enjoyed drunk.

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pretty much sums up last night.

one of the best movies i’ve seen in a while. fucking HILARIOUS!