Architecture is the expression of every society’s very being. But only the ideal being of society, the one that issues orders and interdictions with authority, is expressed in architectural compositions in the strict sense of the word. Thus great monuments rise up like levees, opposing the logic of majesty and authority to any confusion: Church and State in the form of cathedrals and palaces speak to the multitudes, or silence them. It is obvious that monuments inspire social good behaviour in societies and often even real fear. The storming of the Bastille is symbolic of this state of affairs: it is hard to explain this mass movement other than through the people’s animosity against the monuments that are its real masters.
—  Georges Bataille, ‘Architecture’.
Human life is exhausted from serving as the head of, or the reason for, the universe. To the extent that it becomes this head and this reason, to the extent that it becomes necessary to the universe, it accepts servitude. If it is not free, existence becomes empty or neutral, and if it is free, it is in play. The Earth, as long as it only gave rise to cataclysms, trees, and birds, was a free universe; the fascination of freedom was tarnished when the Earth produced a being who demanded necessity as law above the universe. Man however has remained free not to respond to any necessity; he is free to resemble everything that is not himself in the universe. He can set aside the thought that it is he or God who keeps the rest of things from being absurd.
—  Georges Bataille. “The Sacred Conspiracy.” Visions of Excess.

Pure X “Surface” This group from Texas makes some really mellow rock music. This song is off their soon-to-release Acephale LP. What I like about them is even though they are chilled-out, they almost always have a thumping kick and solid snare which keeps you alert to the song while being relaxed at the same time.  They are about to embark on a European tour, but definitely catch them when they are back in the states.

pure x - thousand year old child

These boys. This band. Crawling Up The Stairs is shaping up to be a whole new experimentation in songwriting and space for the Texas band. Pure X/ Pure Ecstasy is a newer band that’s shaped me in the way I think about music. It’s as if they spent the past couple of years marinating, submerged in layers of hiss and fuzz trying to figure out what they wanted to release. 

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