What happens in RPG fandoms, stay

Sometimes the fandom can be more dangerous than the game.

Hero and Beserker are AstuteBiscuit (Eric)
Sorceress and Dancer are Tabikat
Monster is Countwidget (Luke)

Comic by AceofStars

Palom & Porrom’s theme and battle music from Final Fantasy IV
Careless Whisper from George Micheals

aceofstars replied to your post: me: Hmm I am not sure about exporting …

mangastudio is A W F U L for cmyk, no matter how much effort ive put into figuring out the most optimal process i’ll inevitably just export it into photoshop as RGB and convert it.

But have you checked the “color profile” settings?

Now just so ppl know I actually have run out of ink on my printer, so I haven’t been able to do any test printing to see if this works any good. But this feels like the only way to control the CMYK output in CLIP/MS5 without having to use a secondary software (not everyone use photoshop). 

If you go to View>Color Profile>Profile settings you can preview how the colors will appear after which CMYK profile you use.

Here’s how it looks using my default RGB setting ^

And here’s how it’ll turn out when set to generic CMYK profile.

There’s also a tonal correction setting available where you can adjust each CMYK channel to your liking. (btw printing strong saturated blue colors will rarely be 100% accurate because of how printers mix colors I guess)

Also make sure the CMYK profile you use are the same CMYK profile you have in the Color Conversion Preferences.(same prob goes for RGB)

This is my current settings for exporting my art as .TIFF set to CMYK.

Also ALWAYS have “Preview rendering result” checked. Because you wanna see if it will turn out ok before you export the file.