What happens in RPG fandoms, stay

Sometimes the fandom can be more dangerous than the game.

Hero and Beserker are AstuteBiscuit (Eric)
Sorceress and Dancer are Tabikat
Monster is Countwidget (Luke)

Comic by AceofStars

Palom & Porrom’s theme and battle music from Final Fantasy IV
Careless Whisper from George Micheals

Being at work won’t stop me!

So-Yi: “let’s go kill kaijuuuu!”
Yuna: “…please be more serious…”

I imagine when they became jaeger copilots their rivalry still exists but friendlier… So-Yi might be more outwardly friendly towards Yuna, but Yuna is just as attached; she just doesn’t show it as well, and still acts colder and more hostile even when she’s not.

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