sampledtelevision-archive asked:

I would just like to note that I unfollowed you not over not tagging pairings or minor things like that, but rather over the face your refusal to tag things that could send people into panic attacks and other awful states like abuse and suicide It's a shame, you were my favorite Dave

[[ thank you for telling me I really appreciate it not so I can go “oh look its the person that unfollowed me because they don’t agree with me” but so I can acknowledge that I stepped on you toes.

Also, as stated in the reply to your post, I never said you should NOT tag your possibly triggering posts, but rather that people who are easily triggered find a method that helps them overcome their issues so they can proceed in all situations without being a victim, which is often self perpetuated. I can speak from experience with this and my own treatment after a failed suicide attempt.

My hope and goal is always for people to better themselves, and I apologize that that was not clearly expressed. ]]