“Maybe Sesame Street is on!”
Had a BLAST cosplaying Heather McNamara at ACen on Saturday! Sorry this picture is awkward and not cropped also if you saw me there and took a picture of me PLEASE let me know I’m thirsty for validation lmao

EDIT: HOLY MOLY THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! If you want to follow me on a more active platform neutralgoddex is my Instagram! Thanks again-I never thought this was going to blow up so much! EDIT AGAIN: PHOTO CREDS TO @kiteodaiyo 😩😩😩

this past weekend I went to Anime Central with my gf @chubey ! We dressed up as Victor and Yuuri on Sunday 😙  we got a lot of compliments and had lots of fun!! i was really happy Crunchyroll had a little photo area with Victuuri cutouts! And the Yuri on Ice photoshoot was fun too!! It was a really good experience!! ⛸💙


Commissions I finished during ACen~!! Lost of FE but I also drew Dangan Ronpa/Ace Attorney/Zero Escape/OCs as well!
The first one was a sample I drew. The Jokamu one was for @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth, and the second to last pics are from weebueno (the customer) who asked me to draw in his limited edition Valentia Artbook which was so cool!!

Thank you very much to those who commissioned me during ACen, and to those who dropped by at Kai’s&her sister’s&my table!! It was amazing thanks to you guys! (+I missed my neighbors from ACen2016 Artist Alley and hope to see you next year!;w;)

It was great to spend time with Kai, her sis and my roomie~ Now to relax and enjoy my vacation before getting back to commissions and traveling…(˘ω˘)♥