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this past weekend I went to Anime Central with my gf @chubey ! We dressed up as Victor and Yuuri on Sunday 😙  we got a lot of compliments and had lots of fun!! i was really happy Crunchyroll had a little photo area with Victuuri cutouts! And the Yuri on Ice photoshoot was fun too!! It was a really good experience!! ⛸💙


I didn’t take many photos at ACen, I wasn’t there long friday, and after fainting on Saturday and coming out with a concussion (CONcussion if you will), I didn’t take any more photos. So basically I only have pictures from Saturday. Which is when I met @moderatelyokaycosplay ! (And I met him twice!) He is my favorite cosplayer and such an inspiration and I was overjoyed to meet him. And then fainted in front of him. Whoops.

As I promised in my last post, more info. I have no idea why I fainted. Wasn’t dehydrated, I had eaten, wasn’t feeling particularly off that day or anything. I realized I was really shaky when I was going to take my photo and afterwards I felt really heavy and weird. Then I guess I collapsed. It’s all fuzzy.

John was really sweet about it from what I hear (I wasn’t really conscious), he helped with the crowd and all! I haven’t really properly thanked him either, so if you see this, thank you a ton, John! I had a great time meeting you twice and I’m sorry for causing a scene and worrying you there.

The left picture is when I first got to meet him! He was really sweet and it was honestly a great experience even if I fainted afterwards.
I was really overwhelmed when coming to and while in the ambulance so my make up is bad and no wig but the second picture is after all that mess.

Looking at it now, ACen was such a great experience despite me fainting. Even if in the time I wasn’t feeling my best, I met amazing people and had a great time. Thanks for an amazing ACen 2017!


My friends and I did Fire Emblem Heroes cosplays for the ACen Masquerade! I’ll post individual shots as I edit them~

Eirika: Me! @byebaicai

Minerva: @edensable


Merric: an actual Tree

Donnel: Lee, the Brosidon King of the Brocean


Hey all, fellow fans or KH first timers. Call me Sora (real original, I know)! Welcome to my blog, here I’ll post various photo sets, gifs, posts, and reblogs of everything that is Kingdom Hearts (Including the occasional meme). No shipping of any kind will be here as this is just simply a fandom page.

My plans for the future of this blog is to eventually host a live panel at a few conventions. Mainly Acen and possibly Anime Midwest depending how successful it turns out.

So stay tuned, thanks for following, and for sharing in the mutual love of Disney Square Enix’s acclaimed series.

💖💖 Sora, Admin.


In which I don’t know how to take a selfie when i’m nervous af and i look like a fucking weirdo

So yeah I went to the SM2 meet up AND IT WAS LIT

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a selfie with brad cuz he disappeared from my vision but everyone else I got to selfie with (alsothere’skarybutigottohangwithhersoooooo) but yeah I got a selfie with almost all of the cast there! (And Depa!)

So yeah… actually you know what? Since Seduce me 2 is coming out LET’S BRING BACK THE SEDUCE ME SELFIE TAG (only 2 electric boogaloo)

Take a selfie of you and something seduce me related it can be your bae, you playing SM2 when it releases, cosplay, or just your cute faces to share with the fandom! To differentiate from the old tag let’s make the new one “seduceme2selfie″

So yeah! Share your cuteness with the world, celebrate the game, do the things fwands!