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In which I don’t know how to take a selfie when i’m nervous af and i look like a fucking weirdo

So yeah I went to the SM2 meet up AND IT WAS LIT

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a selfie with brad cuz he disappeared from my vision but everyone else I got to selfie with (alsothere’skarybutigottohangwithhersoooooo) but yeah I got a selfie with almost all of the cast there! (And Depa!)

So yeah… actually you know what? Since Seduce me 2 is coming out LET’S BRING BACK THE SEDUCE ME SELFIE TAG (only 2 electric boogaloo)

Take a selfie of you and something seduce me related it can be your bae, you playing SM2 when it releases, cosplay, or just your cute faces to share with the fandom! To differentiate from the old tag let’s make the new one “seduceme2selfie″

So yeah! Share your cuteness with the world, celebrate the game, do the things fwands!


i was Rei Ayanami on Friday of Detour! this was honestly a dream cosplay of mine, i would have liked another week to work on it but i’m so happy people liked it! thanks for all the photos and kind words c:

i probably looked super awkward in everyone’s photos and i’m sorry, i didn’t have a lot of range of movement D: i’m hoping to sew some snaps for better armor attachment by ACen. anyway i’ll post the professonal photos i had done as soon as i get my hands on them! ¾ of these were taken by my partner in crime, Nonon Jakuzure  hailstorrn.