acen attack on titan


cosplay from ACen 2016! Full album here:

List of cosplay included:  Ema Skye, Shulk, Jurassic World, Sans, Papyrus, Mario, Princess Peach, Godot, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth (these guys were awesome and yelled “turf war” everytime they saw our group of ace cosplayers), Celty, Attack on Titan, Castle Crashers, Pikachu, Misty, Franziska von Karma, Anime Central Simulator 2015 & KNUCKLES, Frisk, Chozo, Faye Valentine, Ike, Dark Helmet, Sakura, Kaden, Saitama, Genos, Tatsumaki, No-Face, Apollo Justice, Ryuko Matoi, Tetsuo, Samus, Kylo Ren, Chara, Detective Fulbright, Mettaton EX, Mega Man, Pokemon, Zero Suit Samus, Midna, Snake, Azura, Rosalina, Yuno Gasai, Quiet, Asriel, Code Geass, Eren, Maya Fey, Miyazaki, Pikmin, Junko Enoshima, Ryunosuke Naruhodo


ACen prints/charms lineup so far! Flat coloring is finally done; hopefully I can get most of the prints finished by the end of next week! ;w; Come visit me at **TABLE A04** in the AA this May!<3


Anime Central 2014: Cleaning Eren and Armin


(Especially made this for my best friend Suzaku, who’s worked so hard to us completing our cosplays for Acen and has done such a phenomenal job at bringing Eren Jaegar to life. Please show him your support and follow along with Rye as his main man Armin!!!)


Gifs made by me

Video source: X


I see that some of you have noticed my absence. What can I say–the life of a Commander is a busy one!

As I’m sure you all know, the Survey Corps is in desperate need of funding. To make money, lately my comrades and I have had to get… Creative.

For instance, I have just spent the past two weeks–sewing!

Now I’m ready for this weekend’s business adventure~! :-D

…why did I wish for this adventure?

(Come visit Papa at ACen this weekend! Buy plushies of your favorite soldiers to help support the Corps~!)


Eren Jaegar: Professional Brat.

Getting this little shit to sleep is impossible sometimes–Brush your god damn teeth!!!!!


ajamas were made from scratch by the both of us. Every individual titan was put on by hand.))