Someone left a 3DS XL at our table (Artist alley H12 , the one with the Sailor Moomin print)
If it’s yours message me with the color of the DS, what game was in it, what your Mii’s name is, anything like that just so I know you’re the real owner. I feel really bad knowing someone out there must be worrying and freaking out over their DS :(



hey guys i completely forgot abt these until I found them just now, but these are a pile of commissions that I found during AA breakdown at ACEN in Rosemont, IL.

PLEASE REBLOG THIS so i may find their owner!! these are quite a few commission, i know they must have spent a bit of money on them and i want to get them home!

if you recognize any of the artist or anything please let me kno, i very much want to get these to the right person!!


Wanted to properly post these photos of my Blue Pearl cosplay from the SU photoshoot at Acen! My cosplay was made by @sculptural-renaissance who is also the blueLapis standing next to me in the last picture! The Sapphire directly in front of me is @austrianmusiclover13 . Pictures were taken by Philip Moyer ( @magnetic-terp-output )


lmao finally getting my acen pics posted! (¼

alright so here we go! some people didn’t have tumblr unfortunately, so i couldn’t tag them. groups are listed in respective order typically left to right:

Punk!peridot - @donutan

Sock - no tumblr, sorry

Mettaton & Frisk - @voca-reizza & @crystal-bot

Amethyst & Pearl - @lyssorz & @practicaldemon 

Steven, Rose, & Greg - me (ayyy), no tumblr, & no tumblr 

Sapphire, Ruby, Peridot, Lapis, & Amethyst - @spamano @gayshitexpress @sassypapaya @chibi-komiko & @psychoticchibiiusa

Chat Noir - no tumblr (also turns out i knew this guy ha, small world)

Steampunk!Pearl - @princessmikachu (unfortunately i didn’t get to see the rest of the steampunk squad for pics, but they were at the photoshoot) 

Temmie - @frootloopootaku


A few highlights from Acen2016! I had a fantastic weekend and met so many cool fellow nerdlings!
See the rest of the album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.514438442097734.1073741836.501456886729223&type=1&l=4a476fb929