lilacpoints  asked:

hi! do you know of any fey connected to seasons? I feel most at peace when i am experiencing seasonal related things , ex. snowstorms, beach days, red and orange leaves, Halloween, Easter, birds building nests, basically anything associated with seasons. haha? i always gravitate towards the seasonal themed sections of stores and am in love with holidays. or maybe this is really stupid and has nothing to do with being fey at all? thanks :)

hmm, i’m not sure! i haven’t heard of anything like that–fey connected to seasonal events in general, that is, as opposed to specific seasonal events. there are lots of stories of fey associated with a particular type of weather, or a particular season. but i can’t say i’ve ever heard of something to do with the seasons as a whole.

of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! if you think it’s a non-human thing, do some research. maybe you’ll turn something up. but keep in mind that we are more complex than any single part of our identities, and it’s just as likely, if not more, that it’s a particular interest or idiosyncrasy of yours with no root in your non-human identity.