365 Days To Go before 12.18.15!

This day, December 18, 2014, will start my 365 days countdown before the DAY! I feel excited, kinakabahan and natataranta. I feel that I don’t have much time for the prep and the hassle that I’m working overseas (but this is more of the pros than cons). It’s just that communication to suppliers might be little hard. I can’t imagine that I’m having an engagement ring as early as now if we didn’t move out of that box. Thank you Lord. Our dream wedding is on its way.

Well this wedding blog will be my guide whether I’m keeping up with my schedule or not, a reference for others and also a keepsake for myself. Wedding prep will challenge my budgeting skills, planning skills, patience and creativity. So if you are also a future bride or have been here, done this and reading this, please help me.

Here’s a PHOTO OF US!

Happy Birthday Mk!

Happy Birthday to you Shaun Frinci M. Abobo! =)

Sana marami pang birthdays na dumating at marami pang happiness na mangyari!

iLoveyou emkei! =)

                Dear Lord,

                Thank God for blessing him. 

                May you continue to lead and guide him.

                Salamat din po dahil kasama ko sya. =)