acedia neon

1. A Favorite Anime


But I know that’s a painfully obvious answer from me, so for an anime that I also consider a favorite but don’t really talk about is Boogiepop Phantom, which is especially odd for me because I usually don’t like anything that could fit into the horror genre, but I found this anime really cool, both the story and how it was told (I did consider quitting after episode 3 though, not because it was bad, but JESUS CHRIST NIGHTMARE FUEL. But luckily I kept on through and didn’t regret it).

2. A Favorite Manga

I’ve actually read much less manga than seen anime (I guess I’m shallow but I like color and movement and music?), but for one time where there’s a manga I really love while the anime version didn’t do much for me it was Fruits Basket. SUCH A GREAT STORY.

13. First anime
14. First manga

Sailor Moon for both. Not that exciting, I know, but that’s how it went!