Follow up from Wednesday's post

I stopped by my US History teacher’s room this morning and left my favourite AVEN article on his desk while he was out of his classroom.

I then went by the Student Services office and set up an appointment with our “crisis counsellor” (more because he’s the best counsellor than that the situation was a crisis).

During my second period, which is actually my US class, I got called down to the office to talk with him and explained what happened and why I was upset with the way the situation was handled (ie: not at all). Mr. Johnson said that was a very frustrating situation, but he can’t really do much about it since it wasn’t direct bullying.

He DID say that he could talk to my teacher about what happened and how “one of his students” felt attacted, and what to do if something like that ever happened again. I asked if he could maybe educate the teachers on asexuality during their anti-bullying seminar things, and he said he could do that, which is definitely a good thing!

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