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3 and 11? (also disney fandom apparently goes deeper than i ever imagined,, dang)

u must never go there

3. Disney fandoms that just don’t appeal to you: 

the wreck it ralph fandom is like. fuckin weird 

11. Is there a Disney fandom you were ashamed of being a part of?

no, actually! the big ones were frozen and bh6 and i had a really great time with both. am i ashamed of some of the fic i wrote for frozen? that may be a different story lmfao


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“one of the most confusing things abt dragon age is that i dont get why…”

:have these people not actually played the game as m!hawke, bc honestly i’m p sure m!hawke would get with varric if he could.

i honestly have no idea i just know that the only time i see things on my dash abt hawke getting with varric or aus with hawke/varric it’s always f!hawke which!! yeah totally i am down for that. but why nothing with m!hawke, that’s my question

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you have so few messages………

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side note, i am sincerely impressed by your inbox cleaning abilities. your tidiness knows no bounds.

why am i the only one i know who DELETES MESSAGES AFTER READING THEM