okay but u know what i have ships icons for ships that will never happen but i still like (because im weak.  When i say im weak you gotta believe me)

yes that is ace

sobs my little gay heart this villain ship is so pure

I don’t understand but I can get behind that

I really don’t understand but whatever

Yes marco even u

Classy old men i can get behind

but there’s a couple of icons of my otp i have i know ill never get to use but theyre so cute i just cant  delete them

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anonymous asked:

would you be so kind as to tell us... what fave fic of yours it is... that has... ace!sirius in it... asking for a friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i can’t find you the link rn because phone and stuffs but the title is “The Joy of Not-Sex” by Wereflamingo. I’ll put the link later when I’ll have my computer

it’s quite cute and dear to my ace heart


You Can Feel It In Your Bones. July 27th, 2015. Digital Painting.

It’s done! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now so here’s some transparent pride skeletons. If I get requests I might add more flags but for now enjoy these ones!

I’ve been trying all day to figure out exactly what it is about the whole “reclaim the Dare I Say meme” thing the inclusionists are pulling and what I’ve realized is that not only is it just…annoying its also just insensitive and ham-handed. 

First of all, claiming that you are “reclaiming”  a meme is SO ignorant to the actual meaning behind reclaiming a word. this casual shitposting is not oppressing you. it’s not a word or a phrase that people throw at you out of hatred to hurt you. it’s literally…a meme…

secondly, the whole “(x) character is (complete gibberish) dare I say he’s asexual” meme originated from exclusionists making fun of the homophobic patterns in the characters that people frequently chose to headcanon as asexual-they were usually the “pure, sweet, innocent, clean” characters who didn’t actively have sex on screen, etc. 

For example: The one post about the grinch not actively jerking off on screen making him asexual was a joke about how people headcanoned characters that didn’t actively engage in sexual acts on screen as asexual and took it as canon proof. and then most of those memes are literally some garbage like “garfield is so big and so fucking orange…dare I say he’s asexual” which is straight up shitposting. 

Yet somehow, the inclusionists took this as “violent aphobia” not gay people making fun of homophobic patterns in headcanons. Somehow, they decided that the best way to react against this was…to actively do…EXACTLY what the original meme was making fun of. And so now they’re “reclaiming” it by making posts like “(x) character is sweet, brave, and pure and innocent…dare I say they’re asexual” which, conversely to the shitposting in the original meme is pretty heavily insinuating that non-ace people are…the opposite of those traits. 

tl;dr all this does is prove yet again that you aren’t oppressed if you really think that shitposting is violent aphobia.

The fact that Miyuki still has the habit of talking a lot when he’s happy is adorable. He’s stealing my heart all over again this damn pretty boy catcher.