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♡ here are my draws for this year’s daiya big bang!! i worked together with ewa for this bang and it was really really fun to chat together about these boys!! thanks so much for keeping me in order and things and i hope we can jam more together in the future!! ♡

here’s ewa’s wonderful fic!!! and a big thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work!!

Ace of Earth

So thinking again about a name for this deck, and why nothing has really stuck for me. Then I realized, we were focusing too much on their tattoos. These cards aren’t just about tattoos, it’s also about their body language

I spent a lot of time thinking about what pose should be for each card, and I like to think that each woman conveys her own message fairly well even without the tattoos.

So, something about body language. And tattoos. I don’t know yet, anyone have any suggestions?

Alrighty!! As prompted in this post I got these started on the 3.5-4 hour drive to Vegas from the Grand Canyon uhhhhh Monday? Worked on them a bit at the airport and now I’m home!

Lotsa Kents!

Thank you so so much to everyone who sent in a prompt!! <3
That was super fun.

tagging + little descriptions under the cut. 

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misminor  asked:

Ace's reaction when he found out that Sabo and Riskua got his tattoo so they would match please?

Slouching down onto the deck, Ace forces himself to keep looking at the sight before him.

He’d known Riskua had little care for body shyness, but… knowing that and being face with the fact she and Sabo regularly sunbath in next to nothing are two very different things.

At least she’s lying on her stomach.

“You’re not scared by a little nudity, right shirtless-boy?” Sabo teases, though there’s an absolutely wicked glint in his eyes.

The bastard.

“I ain’t!”

“Then get your arse over here!”

He really doesn’t want to. He really doesn’t not want to.

Stifflying sitting himself down to Riskua’s left, Ace drums up his best smile when she opens one eye to peer up at him, head cradled in her folded arms. And she grins, eyes slipping closed and looking entirely comfortable being in his presence despite being in such a state of undress.

Then his attention is caught by a little black mark on her shoulder-blade and Ace stares.

‘ASLR’ is inked upon Riskua’s shoulderblade, the left one and only visible because her long red hair is piled up in a bun.

It’s smaller, reads horizontal rather than vertical, but it-

“You copied my tattoo?”

“We both did,” Sabo points out with a grin and yes, when Ace glances over, he notices the same thing, in a slightly larger font, curving alone one of Sabo’s rib-bones on his left flank.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Riskua muses lazily, not even bothering to open her eyes to look at him as she speaks, instead stretching out like a housecoat basking in the sun.

Ace follows the dip of her spine without really thinking about it.

“You, Luffy and Sabo mean the world to me.”

It hits like a punch in the gut once again, no matter how many times he gets the confirmation that they care, that they’re complete idiots that still care for him despite the demonic blood in his veins… it always replaces the air in his lungs with ocean water, always leaves him gasping for breath every damn time.