ace wolf

Here’s a transparent spooky ace wolf
Found out it was ace pride week and me, being asexual, gotta contribute somehow to this
I think it came out okay

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Sixteen: Fave Villager Species

Man, I like wolves; they got a good head shape.

I have a lot of thoughts (lol when don’t you Sev?) on Aces High particularly the Bernie/Cam scene:

1) Bernie wasn’t seen all day so this leads me to conclude that she’s been off for Serena/Jason but when Morven called/texted to say Cam was leaving Bernie made sure to get to the hospital for when his shift ended so she could say goodbye and wish him luck.

2) Above point backed up by the fact that if Bernie was just leaving then she would likely have been carrying flowers/cards - but Morven wasn’t expecting her in as she asked Cam to take them in case he saw his Mum (presumably outside of work).

3) That cardigan thing is something I’ve never seen before and it screams Serena more than it does Bernie so I am going to tell myself Bernie put on one of Serena’s cardigans as a comfort blanket/method of gaining the strength to tell Cam she loves him/reminder to Serena that she’ll be back.

4) Why would Bernie be waiting against a pillar in the entrance if she had been on shift with Cam all day? She could have spoken to him at any point. Also, she can’t have been on night shift because she offered Cam a lift. I am convinced she specifically went to the hospital for Cam.

5) Bernie’s facial expressions and Cam’s are so on point (10/10 Jemma Redgrave and Nic Jackman). They’re both so clearly emotionally stunted because of a family history of good ol’ British reserve. Yet it is obvious that they love and care deeply for one another.

I’ll stop there but yeah. That two minute scene stole the entire episode.

A gift for a wonderful human being! It started out just simply because I was looking for a kitchen island in ACNL that my boyfriend has been wanting for sooo long and she offered to give not only one for him but one for me too! It’s a gift for her also now just simply because she seems like such a wonderful person and I appreciate all the support she has given me and my art! I hope you like it @galaxyclusters !!!!  (o´∀`o)