ace wolf

  • Akainu: You all can be brainwashed by this glib asshole if you want, but I’m not having it. I will never work with a pirate.
  • Ace: Oh, sure, so you’re saying if you were dangling on the edge of a cliff and a pirate offered you a hand up, you’d fall to your death instead?
  • Akainu: That’s a spurious question, because no pirate would ever do that.
  • Ace: Well, okay, but that’s not because they’re pirates. It’s just because you’re an asshole.

I missed these misawa moments ♥ ♥ Srsly, those two just make my life better

ily terajima, pls dont ruin my happiness


Koushuu…. omfg bby i cant xDDD i’m crying rn he’s too precioussssssssss ♥ ♥