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Wanted: other asexuals to join my new crime-fighting squad. Our slogan is “too bad I have an ace up my sleeve… or several,” and you all gotta emerge dramatically from the shadows every time I say it. Now accepting applications.


A cute and funny asexual coming out video by @heyodamo. Worth watching for those who are questioning, and for those interested in a little smile!


To all my ace friends - your sexuality is a unique part of who you are! You are learning how to navigate life, love, and relationships just like everyone else, and you’re doing great.

Inspired by this quotation from Louisa May Alcott: “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

“If you could choose between being gay and being straight, what would you choose?“                                    

“If you could choose between colors and dullness, what would you choose?”



Did a thing for Ace Visibility Day. This year it is November 26, 2016. 
Hello everyone! Today I am posting in celebration Ace Visibility Day! Ace is short for asexual, an umbrella term for the orientations which rarely or never experience sexual attraction.
The Ace Visibility Day was created by the Asexuality Blog to raise awareness of the little known orientation. As many of you all ready know, I myself identify as asexual!
Riverdale's Jughead Isn't Asexual, But Actor Cole Sprouse Isn't Giving Up
Classic Archie Comics character Jughead Jones won’t be depicted as asexual when “Riverdale” premieres on The CW, but it’s not for actor Cole Sprouse’s lack of trying.

Why did I even let myself hope? Aces never get represented on TV. No less characters who I looked up to myself growing up, who helped make sense of my own identity. I was so happy when Chip Zdarsky canonized Jughead’s orientation in the comics. And when I heard about Riverdale, I thought maybe, just maybe we’d be getting a major ace character in a mainstream television show. But I must be some kind of moron for even entertaining that thought, right?

Look. I know ace visibility isn’t anywhere close to the most important issue in equal rights and representation right now. But we can’t even have Jughead?

Please, CW. Please, Greg Berlanti. We have so little. Don’t deny us this, too.

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).