ace the bathound

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love Batman Beyond more than almost anything else in this world. I realized that the last time I drew this guy was way back in 2007, so it was way past time to fix that.

So I present to you Terry, the Batman of Future, plus Ace the Bathound.

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Weekend WTF?!?!?

Ace gets superpowers, instantly decides to kill his masters. Makes sense. I mean, if I learned anything from the film The Dark Knight, it’s that it takes more than an average dog to bring down Batman…

Last night, I was killing time on Twitter and doodling when Gail Simone tweeted, “NEW TRY-OUT PAGE! Nightwing is naked but super classy and is eating gelato in a bathtub. Try to put Ace the Bat-hound in there somewhere!”

I think I got a wee bit distracted. Maybe if Nightwing had his pinkie out with the spoon, it’d be a lot classier. Also, poor Ace’s ears got cut off. Ah well. XD