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Well I thought Apollo and Phoenix didn’t really look like Scanty and Kneesock without the red skin and horns and everything, so I made those but then decided to give the Gavin brothers wings and a halo to match.

It’s weird seeing a halo on Kristoph…and Apollo has too much red on him like god please change

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Asexual Slytherins? Love your blog btw!

(For anon and for @girlwith-thecinder-blockgarden who asked after them.)

Ace Slytherins convince Ambrosius and his wife to stock ace pride sweets at Honeydukes. (Many of which are simply the pride colors, but some of which change a person’s tongue or hair to the pride colors. One of which also conjures a temporary dragon tattoo that flits around to different parts of the body.)

Ace Slytherins are the least phased by acephobic comments. 

Some ace Slytherins are out and proud and won’t let you forget it.

Some ace Slytherins only talk about their sexuality with their friends because those are the only people who deserve to know such an important thing about them.

Ace Slytherins constantly discuss the morality of amortentia in potions class even when they won’t be studying love potions for several months.

Ace Slytherins spearhead event planning for Ace Awareness Week at Hogwarts.

Ace Slytherins like to eat breakfast together. They spread out with other friends for lunch and dinner, but breakfast time is ace time.

Ace Slytherins look regal af in pride clothing combos of purple and emerald.

- Ravenclaw Mod


// good lord, please watch this. it’s my new favorite thing.



Ok so I have this thing for anime red-heads with fluffy or spiky hair. If he has 2 or more of any of the following characteristics (1 of them being the “red” hair in this case), he is automatically cute (unless his personality ruins it). Sorry, I don’t make the rules:

-Red/Orange/Pink hair

-Fluffy/Spiky hair


-Gets excited easily

-Speaks Kansai-ben (a certain Japanese dialect)

Characters Shown:

-Takakura Kanba (Mawaru Penguindrum)
-Mikoshiba “Mikorin” Mikoto (Gekkan-Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
-Lavi (D. Gray-Man)
-Yata Misaki (K Project)
-Sanada Yuki (Tsuritama)
-Otonashi Yuzuru (Angel Beats!)
-Yuuki Rito (To LOVEる)
-Otani Atsushi (Lovely Complex) (speaks Kansai-ben)
-Briefers “Brief” Rock (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
-Birthday (Hamatora)
-Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
-Shima Renzou (Blue Exorcist) (speaks Kansai-ben)
-Mikoshiba Momotarou and Mikoshiba Seijuurou (Free!)
-Hitachiin Kaoru and Hitachiin Hikaru (Ouran High School Host Club)
-Kominato Haruichi and Kominato Ryousuke (Diamond no Ace)
-Shoukichi Naruko (Yowamushi Pedal) (speaks Kansai-ben)
-Hinata Shōyō (Haikyuu!!)

Remember, I haven’t seen every anime. There may be other characters out there that fit my criteria that I do not yet know about! (If there are, please tell me about them…)

CZ Scorpions come in so many flavors here are my offerings. What fo you have? I still have a few more things I want to do to them.
Scorpion carbine:
Lage Manufacturing folding adapter
Ace stock
Apex safety set
Magpul mlok rail
Inforce WML
HB Industries Delta extended Charging handle
Scorpion pistol:
HB Industries
HB Industries Micro/K handguard
HB Industries Theta Forward trigger
HB Industries RXR Cheek rest
Apex Low profile safety set
Custom KAK Flash Can

So I bought this, and its on the way to the FFL. I need to figure out how to get some kind of cheek riser on that ACE stock, or some other replacement. It has an AR buffer tube adapter installed.
Any suggestions? I'm considering just using one of those strap on stock accessory things with a built in cheek rest to add some height but I think that might look silly.
Zastava M77 .308

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Can you please recommend some of your favourite ace!cas fics?

I can definitely do that! These are all ace-spectrum Castiel fics that I’ve particularily enjoyed :)

Ace of Hearts

College Parties, Punk Concerts, and Pride Parades - What Could Go Wrong?

Seeking Friendship

Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies

I love you more than sex

Preacher Comfort

The Porch


It’s All Aces

Sex Talk and Summer Stock


Liberia, the American Origins of an African Nation

Unfortunately, recent news of ebola and possible pandemics do not do paint Liberia in a good light.  When most Americans and perhaps Europeans think of Liberia, they tend to associate it with the deadly hemorrhagic disease, much in the same way Guyana is only known for the Jonestown Massacre.  This is unfortunate because Liberia has a unique history that most people are not aware of, and most unexpectedly it is an African nation that originates from America.

The origins of Liberia begin during the dark days of slavery in the United States.  One of the little known facts of United States history is that abolitionists were united in the idea of blacks having equality and total freedom.  There was a large faction within the abolitionist movement that believed that while slavery should be abolished, blacks were not equal with whites, blacks should never be granted full political and economic freedom, and that American society would never be peaceful unless both races lived a separated existence with white people in charge of things.  Today such a philosophy would be shocking and racist to most, akin to Jim Crow segregation, however in the 19th century this was considered a very popular and enlightened view. Thus, to these abolitionists the best solution to the race issue was to repatriate former slaves back to their homelands in Africa.  This was also a very popular idea, ardently supported by men such as James Monroe, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln.  Many other abolitionists supported the idea of repatriation because they believed that blacks would never be treated fairly in the US, and thus would have a better chance of living a full life in Africa.

In the 1820’s, an abolitionist group called the American Colonization Society began buying up large plots of land along the West African coast.  Their intent was to purchase the freedom of slaves from the south, then settle them in their newly created African territory which they named “Liberia”. Passage to Liberia was paid by the ACS, and they were stocked with a large supply of necessities such as food and clothing. Free black people were also allowed to become colonists as well. The first colony was settled in 1822.  From the 1820’s up to the American Civil War, thousands of freed slaves immigrated to Liberia. Other similar organizations sent thousands of more colonists to locations that would become a part of Liberia.

At first Liberia was considered an American colony and United States territory, however in 1847 Liberia declared itself independent.  Liberia established its own constitution based on the US Constitution and set up a system of government based upon the US Government.  Liberia’s capital was named “Monrovia” after US President James Monroe, one of the most ardent advocates of repatriation.  Even the Liberian flag (pictured above), was based upon the American Stars and Stripes, with 11 red and white strips symbolizing the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence, the white star symbolizing the freedom given to ex-slaves, and the blue banner symbolizing the African mainland.

The settling of what were essentially foreign peoples in Liberia came with many unintended consequences.  As colonists settled the region and expanded, they often pushed out native African peoples.  Armed conflict between Americo-Liberians and native Africans was common, and over time the Americo-Liberians came to dominate.  By the 20th century, the Liberian political system, economy, and society was dominated by the Americo-Liberians despite the fact that they made up a small minority of the Liberian population.  This led to two extremely bloody and destructive civil wars occurring in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  While today the country is at peace, unfortunately things are not all well in Liberia.  Along with the recent ebola outbreaks, Liberia has long suffered widespread poverty, crime, and government corruption.   Things are not looking to improve anytime soon.


The strange milled receiver striker fired cousin of my AK family : my Century VZ 2008.

I got her from PSA with 5 mags on sale for $399.00. Since then I’ve added a NEA rail, Huff installed Czechpoint QD scope mount for me w/ a Primary Arms red dot, and a Stormwerkx stock adapter with an ACE Entry Stock. I also modified a Magpul AK grip to fit.

It’s lightweight, simple, and runs. The stock trigger is pretty heavy but aside from that I have no complaints…except that I wish it took AK mags. Eventually I want to get an actual CZ VZ. 58 in 5.56 with the AR mag adapter but that’s down the line.