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So… about that ace discourse, huh?


Since it’s pride month and there are a lot of my followers that are not only ace, but young, this is definitely something I wanted to address, but… where do you even start? I didn’t even know how thick the hatred for asexual people ran until I started to dig into the tag on tumblr and see the horrible shit being said about us, about how we’re just “hesitant” cis heteros. You know what it all reminds me of?

The horrible shit bisexual people get. The horrible shit trans people get. I don’t feel like it’s as bad as it once was for them in the LGBT+ community, but it still exists, and to deny that would be a disservice to bi and trans folk. But I wanted to just say that this is… unfortunately just something that happens when a ‘new’ group gains widespread recognition and wants to have somewhere to belong. So what do we do about it?

We do the only thing we can do, and that’s stand together.

I remember when I was younger everyone thought that being bisexual was 'the new fad’ and they were just 'greedy’. Now we know that’s not the case. Bi people still get some flack from their own community, but I see far, far less of it than I did when I was younger. And this is coming from someone who identified as bi during that time.

But they fought for their right to be included, and now the discrimination towards them inside the LGBT+ community is far less than what it used to be from what I can see.

The same will go for us a-spec folk. You just gotta turn a blind eye to people who scream about us in a negative light because, honestly? None of their arguments hold any ground, and eventually they’re either going to realize they were being assholes or… they’re going to keep being assholes and be on the wrong side of history.

Unfortunately that’s how some people are. They’re just… assholes who don’t want to change as the world evolves around them. They exist even outside the LGBT+ community.

We’re told we’re “taking away their spaces” when… there is limitless space.

We’re told we’re not “oppressed enough” when… this is not a competition to see who is more oppressed. A gay cis white man is not going to face the same oppression as gay trans poc, yet both of them are absolutely part of the LGBT+ community.

We’re told that we’re just “hesitant” straight people when… there is nothing hesitant about being asexual. Some asexuals are anything BUT hesitant about sex.

Yeah, there might not be a lot of laws against us. But pride isn’t just about fighting against being oppressed by the law. It’s about coming together and finding solidarity with other people who face some of the similar struggles living in a heteronormative society. It’s about having a safety net, and yeah, we need that too whether you like it or not, because we get told a lot that we 'just need a good fucking to turn us around’.

Sound familiar? Lesbians hear that shit all the time, and it’s horrible and scary.

We’re not taking your resources. We’re becoming more helping hands.

We’re not hetero, they don’t want us around either.

And, honestly? We’re not gonna go anywhere. You’re stuck with us. A-spec people and those who support us are far louder and more abundant in the LGBT+ community than those who aren’t.

So if you’re young and a-spec and scared of all the crazy stuff aphobic people are saying, you have every right to be. But block them. They’re wrong. History will repeat itself and soon their voices will be few and far between. Surround yourself with those who understand you and love you for who you are.

That’s what pride is about. It’s about love and understanding.

And those who are spending pride month to be hateful and venomous belong in it far, far less than any courteous a-spec does.

Oh and, disclaimer: I’m more than just aro/ace. So that aside I’m part of the LGBT+ community whether you like it or not.

A lot of people showed interest in me possibly making a tarot deck with the last post I made so I played around with sizing and fonts to test out how a card might look like. It’s all still a work in progress but perhaps this is a little glimpse at what may come in the future!


Im drawing this Ace Attorney/Ghost(Mystery Skulls) AU and i may or may not download flash to try and animate these don’t look at me

It was really fun emulating that style!! I pulled back a bit on the cartoony proportions though, I thought this would fit a bit better. Edgeworth takes the place of Lewis and Phoenix takes the place of Vivi. Originally I was going to have Larry as Arthur to match the color scheme (and the role) but I think I’ll end up going with Maya if I do continue this.

I tried to exaggerate their differences in body type slightly (esp since Lewis is pretty big compared to the others) but i think i made Edgeworth a bit too buff??