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Shaun Hastings x Reader

A/N: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever written but I couldn’t resist. XD If you’re expecting something great, sorry!

“No.” He deadpanned, arms crossed over his chest and gaze burning holes in your head.

“But, Shaun,” you begged, presenting the fluffy animal to him once again. “She’s so cute!”

“I said no.” He stated again, looking to the white tuft of fur with disgust. You smiled down widely at the adorable kitten, bringing her once again to your chest. She happily cuddled against you, soft purrs sounding beneath the masses of white fur.

“I think we should.” Desmond commented, a sweet smile on his lips as he petted the kitten.

“We are not keeping this,” he paused, almost as if looking for an adequate enough word. “Creature.” He settled, happy with his choice as he adjusted his glasses. The “creature” in question perked her ears up, almost as if hearing Shaun. You giggled lightly, Desmond joining in.

“Just let them keep her,” Rebecca called from where she was perched in front of a computer. “It will help liven this place up.”

“This place is alive enough,” Shaun muttered, glaring at the three of you.

“How can you say no?” You cooed, the kitten meowing in your arms.

“Like this; no.” He spat, leaning back in his chair. “Oh, and look, I can say it again! No.” You pouted, turning your back on him.

“Fine,” you huffed. “But she’s staying here for the night.” Desmond looked a little upset at the news as well, reaching out two fingers to scratch underneath the kittens ears. Rebecca muttered underneath her breath at the main, fixing a temporary glare on him. Shaun, however, stood firm, keeping his arms crossed as he watched you walk away with the kitten in your hands. 

Feeling a little downcast, you cuddled the kitten in between your arms, resting your head softly next to her. “I’m sorry, girl.” You whispered, glaring at Shaun. He had his back turned to you, the glow of his computer reflecting off his skin as he typed away. “He’s just a dick.”

“I can hear you!” Shaun yelled, not bothering to turn towards you. You scowled at him, flipping him off despite the fact he couldn’t see. Desmond chuckled, watching the exchange with amusement.

“Good, your ego could stand to drop a few sizes.” You retorted, gliding a hand along the kitten’s soft fur.

“You’re still not keeping it.” Sticking your tongue out at him in a childish manner, you continued petting the kitten softly. She was lost, wandering the abandoned streets when you found her. She didn’t look to be doing too well on her own, your heart going out to her. Hopefully you could find her a good home since Captain Hardass over there wouldn’t allow you to keep her. Sighing quietly, you promised to help her as you drifted off slowly.

Maybe it was the quiet laugh that woke you up. Or maybe it was the freezing cold. But whatever it was, you were wide awake well before you cared to be. Silently you sat up, stretching beneath your sleeping bag. You scanned the room in search of the little fluff ball, your eyes doing a comical double take as you spotted her. 

Shaun was huddled in the corner, holding the little kitten in both hands as he made ridiculous faces. Every once in a while he would chuckle, calling her adorable. His eyes were shining playfully as he showed her affection, the purrs coming from the kitten audible in the silence of the night. Honestly, you’d been able to hold in your laughter. At least until he called the cat “princess”. 

You stifled a chuckle, hoping to continue watching the exchange. Unfortunately, Shaun heard you, immediately going stiff. He looked for all the world like a deer in front of a moving car, his eyes wide, hair mussed, mouth opened, and hands frozen. A blush crept up his neck, painting his face like a cherry.

“I-” He tried, getting cut off by your laughter. You held your abdomen as laughs tore through you painfully, tears streaming down your face. He was scowling at you despite his obvious embarrassment, grumbling an assortment of choice words.

“Princess,” you parroted, falling into another bout of laughter.

“If that’s quite enough,” Shaun yelled, cheeks burning in the darkness.

“What happened to ‘creature’?” You questioned, chuckles beginning to subside.

“She came to me in the night.” He argued, crossing his arms over his chest once again. Rolling your eyes at him, you moved closer to the kitten.

“And that’s why you were playing with her.” You teased, placing the ball of fur in your arms as she looked to you with the most adorable pair of blue eyes.

“Exactly.” He mumbled, glaring. You couldn’t help but lean forward, pinching his cheeks roughly.

“Aw, Shaun,” you cooed, “You’ve got a heart!” His scowl deepened. If looks could kill, you would definitely not be sitting in front of him at the moment.

“Will you stop that?” He snapped, pushing your hands away from him.

“It’s okay, your secret is safe with me.” You affirmed, smirking. “As long as we can keep her.” Swallowing his pride, he nodded.

“Fine.” He relented, sending a piercing look in the direction of her. “Just don’t expect me to be happy about it.”

“Good,” you smiled.

“How’d you manage that one?” Rebecca asked, looking down at the kitten as you held her. You shrugged, a knowing smile playing at your lips.

“I guess I’m persuasive.” Desmond looked thoughtfully at her.

“Do you know what you’re going to name her yet?” He inquired, a soft grin aimed towards the cat.

“Princess.” You smirked, winking in the direction of Shaun. He dropped his papers, a blush rising onto his cheeks.

“That’s a lame name.” Desmond frowned. You laughed, keeping eye contact with Shaun.

“I don’t know, I think it’s pretty adorable.” He didn’t even attempt to hide his glare as you continued to tease him, his eyes boring holes into you. Choosing to ignore it, you held his gaze. “Besides, the person who chose it is pretty adorable too.” Coughs sounded from Shaun’s work area, his drink left abandoned as his body wracked violently. He swallowed roughly, watching you with reddened cheeks. He was such a drama queen sometimes.