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Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin; without darkness, there is no light.

The Keyblade wielders’ great war over Kingdom Hearts was fought by defenders of the light, servants of darkness, those who sought to reconcile the two, and those motivated by nothing more than lust for power.


no one sais it couldn’t be a dog :D

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These are my 8 fave characters from different shows and a dog (i love the dog , and his personality)

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EPILEPSY WARNING! [ 02/17/2017 - 3:33 a.m ] EXPEDIENT X
Last night I tryed to sleep in a house with a curse. I installed 3 cameras in differents possitions of this room, and the cameras can catch a clown. This clown made me afraid when I saw the recording, I sleeped all the night but I had a nightmare… Code of this room (you can visit this room in ACHHD): 0091-5709-961.


Having A Good Time - Huey Piano Smith and His Clowns (Having A Good Time, 1959)

the story so far

bb Phoenix nervous about giving his valentine to Edgeworth

“I must change my career path entirely to save the one I love because I know he’s no demon”

it’s totally unrequited


where did you get this Edgeworth

oh that’s where

^as pointed out by phoenixwrongg … they shared a bed after this festival. apparently without clothes

i rest my case

Note: Did I spend half an hour searching “nhl players tattoos”? Yes. Yes I did. I gave Kenny P. Tyler Seguin’s Stanley Cup tattoo. I’m not sure who has the lake hockey half sleeve but it was preeeeetty, so there.

Alexei walks his fingers over Kent’s ribs. “Tell me about this one.”

The tattoo is just below Kent’s left pectoral, a skeletal hand holding a spray of playing cards (the top card in an ace of spades). At the base of the wrist a ribbon reads “lucky.”

Kent squirms.

“Ticklish?” Alexei drags the pads of his fingers down Kent’s side.

“Yes,” Kent bites out.

Alexei drags his fingers up Kent’s skin, feeling the bones underneath. “I stop?”


Alexei can feel the tension under his fingers. He stills his hand, traces the outline of the topmost playing card.

“That one was from my first season with the Aces. I wanted something–I still couldn’t believe I had made it.”

“Lucky,” Alexei says. “What about this one?”

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The KISS Sign through the years (Circa 75’, 78’, 84’ and 86’).
I love seeing the classic logo used during the ANIMALIZE Tour.
There’s a certain magic to seeing such an iconic piece used in production for the last time.
Such cool history…