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Assassins Creed Origins ( i hope that is the right name;) )
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Holly crap, could I be asexual? For something I hadn’t even known existed before that day, it was making a big change in my view of the world. Maybe I wouldn’t ever be obliged to have sex with another person in order to make them stay with me. The thought was freeing: I wouldn’t have to pretend. It was just a matter of finding someone else who understood.

We awaken (Calista Lynne)


Hey, I made a zine on asexuality titled “Visible” for a class of mine, and I thought some people might be interested in the free 12 page pdf I’m offering! It’s intended to be a brief introduction to the topic, and includes some of my own perspectives and experiences. The visuals are all my own illustrations and photography, featuring some items I think the community will recognize and appreciate.

Feel free to message me if you’d like me to send you a copy :) @fuckyeahasexual @asexualartists

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A nobody taking pictures on a small digital camera. Asking permission to everything and everyone, just in case. Flowers? Ask. Might be sprites. Tree? Ask. Might be a dryad. Crows? ASK. YOU ASK. But these pictures never see the light of day. The SD card sits on a shelf gathering dust. Some people just like taking pictures for the hell of it

This is really cute honestly