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People get so worked up over bottom!Arthur and I just don’t understand it. Fuck off with your weird pseudo-gender roles. Just because Arthur’s stereotypically “”“masculine”“” doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy bottoming. (Personally, I ship merthur and I think he and Merlin switch). The bedroom dynamic doesn’t change his character (e.g. it doesn’t emasculate him) nor does it drastically change the relationship with his partner, and to think so gives far too much emphasis on sex and not enough on the relationship itself. 

*rant over*

Welfare Servants by Yuko.

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Capsule Material - Fate/Koha Ace servants & Sabers. Scanned by Paitouch.

Fate/Koha Ace - Sakura Saber & Demon Archer.

Sabers - Hungry Saber (From Koha Ace), Saber Lion (From Fate/Tiger Colosseum) & King Saber.

Masters | Stay Night servants & Hollow Ataraxia servant | Zero servants | Ruler & Black Faction servants | Red Faction servants | Extra & CCC servants | Koha Ace servants & Sabers | Prototype servants & Scrapped servants.

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