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Ace outfit day 14: Last day, so I have done my best attempt at an ace superhero outfit. I am SUPER ACE.
My super power is immunity to seduction.
Now if you don’t mind I don’t even have time to go through my dash let alone keep up with anything else why is it always so hectic when parents visit.

Today’s total: 1
Overall total: 26 points
My prize is all these brownies I baked.

Now if you don’t mind I have a two-person recommended flat pack bed to construct by myself. BACK TO WORK!

Paul Amos… is fucking amazing

Ace outfit day 10: Got quite a headache so I decided to have a break and pick out something for today’s outfit instead of clearing all this craft off my bed. There is a puppy hiding in my boobs because I don’t have any plain white t-shirts.

Today’s total: 2 points
Running total: 19 points

(If you would like to do some Ace Outfit Challenge for asexual awareness week that would be totally awesome, you can check out my rules or make up your own, it is just for fun)

I didn’t think I had enough ace coloured clothes for a decent outfit, but it turns out I have all of this. I didn’t even know what asexuality was when I bought most of these clothes. I feel like I need to see how many days in a row I can wear a different ace outfit before I run out (on the grounds that underwear is generally non-visiable, that may be in non-ace colours. Although all my bras are ace colours how did that happen wow I’m so accidentally asexual I just really like these colours I guess)

Am I the only one who’s a bit irritated by Iplehouse? Drake looks a LOT like Granados sculpts, his regular clothes look like a lovechild of several assassins creed outfits (Edward Kenway and Jacob Fry mostly), his second outfit reminds me also of AC (Ezios first outfit, but it also looks like the regular Iplehouse Demon Hunter set…), and the HID body itself is like a better looking version of Granados Titan body (which is, by the way, the only existing body with nearly the same measurements).

:| Its strange, somehow.

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Consider: Rhys in a maid outfit, waiting for Vaughn to return ;)))