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My stance on Ace discourse

Don’t know if I need to actually put this out there but this blog is Ace/Aro friendly.

I’m a grey-ace myself. I literally got a Spade (as in ace of spades) tattooed on me bc it’s such a huge part of my identity. This is who I am and part of my queer identity.

Every single pride event I’ve been to? Ace flags, and colours, and spades, no one tells them they aren’t welcome.

Every GSA and Q/A and youth queer group I’ve joined? Open and welcoming to asexuals. Heck, one of them was run by an asexual. 

Fucking hell, non-ace people in Australia are fighting for Ace representation in the Safe Schools Program. An anti-bullying and educational program to help queer kid.

I’ve literally been given more harassment, more threats of corrective rape and acts of corrective assault, more shit in general for being asexual then I have ever received for being Sapphic (or Bi as I identified for a very long time).

I was told I was broken, I had doctors tell me I should be medicated and psychologists try and tell me I was suppressing CSA memories (which fuck you, I feel like that’s an insult to actual CSA victims?) which is why I was ‘sex-repulsed’ (which I’m not- very fucking different to asexual).

I was bullied. Called a prude and a freak, and disgusting. I once had someone tell me I was “Probably attracted to kids, that’s why you lie and say you’re not attracted to people”

Being made welcome at the schools GSA? Being invited by a trans friend to join her at a queer youth group in the city? That shit helped me. Being made welcome in the queer community fucking helped me get over thinking I had to like boys, helped me accept my romantic interest in girls and slowly realise I had none in boys. 

My asexuality is my sexuality. That makes me queer. 

Anyone who is Ace/Aro is welcome on my blog

Being Cis and Ace/Het or Het/Aro doesn’t mean you aren’t a ‘real queer’. You’re welcomed by the real community, and I’ll support you through this hellsite trying to say otherwise.

(I will apologise for the excessive use of the word queer, it’s how I am most comfortable referring to myself and the community but I am aware it can make some people upset.)

Me: I want to get a tattoo of the Ace of Spades.

Friend: Why Ace of Spades?

Me: Because Hide is the AoS in the Tokyo Ghoul card deck.

Friend: Or you can get a tattoo of a character that hasn’t been dead for 2 years haha

Me: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

anonymous asked:

What does your icon mean? :3

its my tattoo, the ace of spades, overlaying the asexual (ace) pride flag. and the ace is colored the nonbinary pride flag. so. in short, its me! im a nonbinary ace, and i refuse to be anything else for anyone else. i am what i am.