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ok so like I've been thinking of getting a tattoo to show my pride as a gay ace guy. so basically it'd be a playing card of the king but one end would have a heart while the other would have a spade (heart for being gay/spade ace) and the heart side would have the rainbow flag then at the end of the purple would start the other end with the purple part of the ace flag. king of hearts/spade with my pride colors. making my tattoo list grow!

That sounds like a super cool design! You clearly put a lot of thought into it, we’d love to see how it turns out if/when you get it!


part two of the tattoo series, featuring none other than my favourite ace, the man of my heart, Iwaizumi Hajime ♥

Tattoo trivia: 

-his first tattoo was the godzilla silhoutte on his elbow with watercolour effect background

-his next tattoo was when he was 21 and he got the dragon on his chest. He always loved how they look so he got tattoo of one

- his most recent tattoo is the one he got with Tooru, a half of the heart that connects to the one Tooru has


So getting this tattoo was quite a big deal for me! I finally got my “Ace of Hearts” card tattoo to celebrate my coming out as Biromantic Asexual this year. Which basically means I like both men and women, but only romantically, I don’t feel any sexual attraction to anyone. So, I just wanted something I could easily look at, and be reminded that:

1. I’m not the only one, there are others out there that feel just like I do.

2. It’s not nothing to be ashamed of, therefore I’m going to “wear my heart on my sleeve.” And I’m going to wear it proud!

3. My sexuality is VALID, and the way I feel is VALID. And no one has the right to tell me or try to convince me otherwise! I don’t try to convince you that you’re not straight… So why should you try to degrade me and tell me:

“It’s just a phase.”

-Ummmm… No it’s not, I’ve felt like this my whole life and only just found out what it is.

“You just haven’t met the right person yet.”

-nope, I’ve met there “right” person many of times and had DEEP emotional and romantic connections with them… But then the moment they wanted more than that, I couldn’t understand why they wanted that, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

“Maybe you just haven’t had good sex yet”

-you need to be turned on to have good sex…. And the point of what I’m telling you is…. I don’t get turned on xD for me: no sex, is good sex.

“Your probably just a lesbian and you’re confused about it.”

-I’m not confused, I know exactly what I like. I like men and women, but only romantically…. What’s there to be confused about?

I could go on forever with what people tell me and none of it matters. I feel what I feel (or don’t feel haha xD) and nothing can change that.

So please understand, I am asexual, I am proud of it, and I am valid. Despite what you can’t understand.

eyyy starting off this tattoo AU with Oikawa Tooru, captain of Aoba Johsai volleyball team ♥

I hope I can finish these series and I hope I wont get lazy *praying emoji*

DISCLAIMER: these are just my ideas, I just used characters from Haikyuu to make my own headcanons for their tattoos and their lives. This is not a canon universe so please dont go at me with “But this is not what Oikawa does… “ “They are not together like that…” “ Ew, these tattoos are gross” Im just trying to draw what I like and what makes me happy and a negativity like that really hurt. Thank you. 

Sooo here we go:

- Oikawa’s first tattoo was when he was 17 years old, getting a tattoo of an alien head on his hip. He kinda regrets this tattoo now but it reminds him of his high school days

- After graduating from Seijoh he got two leaves on the inner part of his upper arm, so he never forgets about his team

- He always loved looking at the sky, especially in the night when all the stars were out. After graduation, he went to university that specializes in astronomy and thats why he has a planets and stars tattoo now on his ankle

- The latest tattoo he got is a half heart. He got this one with Iwaizumi, since he has the other half. Once they hold hands, the two halves connect into one heart and they have it so they wont forget about eachother

Next up will be Iwaizumi Hajime, my lovely Ace, man of my heart and a godzilla dork ♥