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Does anyone know if there were ace groups walking in the New York City Pride March today?? I was there from 12 to 4 on 36th street but I don't think I saw any. Was wondering if anyone got photos if there were!

I don’t know if the group was walking like offically signed up as part of the parade but I know the NYC aces group is very active (and from what I hear really nice) I’d love to see and boost any photos that people might want to share so any NYC aces or any aces in general please send them by way. (Just be mindful of who’s in your photo and if they’d want to be) 

 also aces make me want to move to nyc tbh

New York City

The haunting, beautiful La Jetée plays February 28 at the Anthology Film Archives. Chris Marker’s landmark 1962 film tells the story an unnamed man in a time travel experiment who falls in love with a woman he sees on a pier. The film gently flickers across the screen and into your mind as it is made almost entirely of still frames. 

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Name: Taylor
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hi!! I’m Taylor & I was born and raised in NYC. I’m going to be a senior in college and I’m currently studying communications. My dream is to one day be a sports reporter. I love music and concerts, my favorite bands are AC/DC, The Beastie Boys, and The 1975. I’m also a huge sports fan. I can watch almost anything but my favorites are hockey and baseball. Some of my favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Shameless, The Office and It’s Always Sunny. I’ve never had a pen pal before so I’m excited to meet new people!! 

Preferences: 21+ 


Nyc pride!!
I have marched before but never in a parade. I held my ace flag high with immigration equality. Marching down to stonewall with my good friends was a powerful and surreal experience. As an asexual, we are often bombarded with people in straight and even LGBT spaces that we do not belong. The people at pride though were so kind some people even pointed to me and my flag and smiled with approval (not that I need it). The only bad part was I didn’t get to see the other floats cause I was in the parade but maybe another year I’ll be a spectator.

I saw Bianca Del Rio and Alexis Michelle (seeing Bianca was really cool).

Afterwards everybody was gay (as in happy) standing in the streets drinking openly in front of cops cause we can do that now I guess.

INTERVIEW: Martine Syms

Martine Syms, an artist, publisher and writer from Los Angeles, spent a few nights at Ace Hotel New York for Ace AIR . While she was here, she produced a compilation film of canonical vines. 

It would be fair to assume that Martine Syms wears a lot of hats — she co-founded and ran the project space Golden Age in Chicago, founded Dominica Press in Los Angeles, and has extensively exhibited and published work in video, photography, writing, editing, design and performance. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Syms conceives and creates language as form, color as signifier, essay as performance — her mind is radically observant and her spirit mischievous and wise. And so funny. 

Hi Martine, are you in New York right now?

I am, I’ll be going to upstate New York soon which will be my last summer there. It’s a weird place. I like the forced pause. It’s such a different time, the relationship with time there is like desert time — you know when you’re in the desert and you’re gone for two days and it feels like you’ve been there for a week? A single day is endless.

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Still feels like a dream, but I marched with @actupny yesterday in NYC Pride with the Resistance group. We built coffins (and that’s @flameofthegrave dressed as the Trump grim reaper) to protest all the ways Trump is gonna fuck up healthcare. I’m the derp with blue hair holding the main banner!

Pride is absolutely a celebration, but it started as protest and its important to remember amongst all the good things what’s at stake for the community and that some things just aren’t over yet. Keep fighting!