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  • media creator: this character is asexual :)
  • ace people: oh wow! that's really neat! i'm really glad to see representation, both good and bad characters, in media!
  • you demons: yea except that character isn't ace they're gay coded bc they've acted flamboyantly and turned down people of the other binary gender before so please don't steal our characters. and if they're not gay they're straight bc they've never shown interest in dating anyone!! don't make things up it's just sad :))
I realized something about majority of my ships...
  • Person A: Charming, Intelligent, Can speak multiple languages, Straight A student
  • Person B: Loud, Obnoxious, Probably ate all the candy in the jar then guessed zero, Mega dork and proud
  • But also...
  • Person B: Compassionate, Scary threat when provoked, Very chill when mellow, Keeps things bottled up and fakes smiles to get through the day, Very tol
  • Person A: Standoffish, High and mighty complex, Angry at everything and everyone, Cries at everything, Emotionally stunted due to tragic past, Very smol but will fight you

Say what you like about weird, cringy, or bad ao3 tags, I’ve found the absolute worst one ever, nothing can beat the horridness of this tag

Fuck you yes he fucking is. Stop erasing his identity you asshats

call riverdale diverse all you want but it still:

mistreats their one (1) black main cast member and barely gives her screen time and character development (Josie)

side lines their one (1) canonically gay character (who is a token stereotype character anyway) and gives the character little to no on screen development (Kevin)

white washes kj apa, he’s half samoan but because he’s ~white passing~ the writers don’t acknowledge that (Archie)

didn’t acknowledge a canon asexual character, there by robbing the ace community of rare and much needed representation - there will probably be a flippant comment in season 2 where they back pedal on this and make him canonically asexual, which is gross as his sexuality should’ve been confirmed early on. ace kids need that rep and they deserve it. (Jughead) (before you few crazed stans come for me on this one like ‘omg!1;1!1!1! just because he’s dating bets (but i wish he was dating me XD) doesn’t mean he isn’t acesexywalls’, know that i myself am asexual and i will literally fuck u up)

qu**r baits the fuck out of beronica, then has betty end up with someone she has no chemistry with at all because no sorry they’re totally straight :))))

so yeah, get the fuck out of my face with that diverse shit and let me be angry at all this wasted potential.

I don’t get crushes. I just – found her interesting! It’s a friendship crush, if anything. What drives a woman to dress up like a burger and encourage others to eat them? And why did I never think of doing that first?

Aromantic Asexual Forsythe “Jughead” Pendleton Jones III || requested by anon

P.S. special thanks to the most wonderful @kirayukimuras !! you’re the BEST!

Bogaert, Anthony F. Understanding Asexuality. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012. (page 34)

For those of you wanting some scholarly evidence of aroace coded Jughead, this exists and was published in 2012. 4 years before it was confirmed canon. so like. yeah. this is a thing.