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it drives me crazy when I see like 10 posts in a row by one person…I dunno why lol…even if they are AC related. I try my best not to do it. It’s why I have a queue. I mean sometimes I get a little excited but sometimes I’m just like ‘chill’. .

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I'm biro ace and I'm dating someone who is aro bi. We've been best friends for close to five years and I love her with all my heart. I'm just a bit worried because I've always seen a future for myself as getting married and having a kid or two, but I don't know if the average aromantic would be okay with that. I'll ask her at some point, but we've not been together long enough for me to even mention those sort of things. I was just wondering your opinion/experience with aros and marriage.

Hey anon!

I don’t actually have any personal experience with anyone who’s aromantic when talking about marriage but I think my answer would be the same either way.

It really depends on the person. There are aromantic people who’d have no problem getting married or having kids but there are also aromantic people who wouldn’t even want to be in a romantic relationship, nevermind get married. And there are aromantics everywhere in between. The fact someone is aromantic doesn’t really have a bearing on the kind of relationships they can have on that kind of general level because all aromantic people are different in their own way and have different comfort levels.

What I will say is that, considering you are in a relationship with this person, there is a good chance they’re not romance repulsed and could want to get married and have kids. That’s pure speculation though and the only way you can really know is if you talk to this person.

I would say though that you don’t necessarily have to wait to have this conversation, it just doesn’t have to be as specific as asking them if they want to get married to you and have kids with you. You can just ask them if they’ve ever thought about getting married/having kids or what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

You could also ask them even more general questions than that like what they think of marriage/kids in general, not just for themselves. A lot of people will answer a question like that by bringing themselves into it.

If you’re not comfortable doing any of that yet though, your best bet is to just wait until you are comfortable to bring it up with them because without talking to the individual themselves, no one else can really say what a person wants to do with their lives or what they’re comfortable with in a relationship.

I hope this answers your question and helps in some way but you can absolutely talk to me about this some more if you need to. ^.^

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To anon person who is nb masc and likes guys, I personally use androromantic (androsexual if you ain't ace) Andro means 'masculine' or 'male featured' so it's the best word I've found to suit me. But explore and see what other terms could work!