ace is so perfect


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!

“Exclusionists” like: “Ace tumblr™ is so bad about (thing society as a whole is bad about, often very clearly including the anti-ace/aro crowd), wow aces and aros are so horrible, what terrible groups of people, but I’m not bigoted I’m just stating facts lolol.

My own crowd? My own crowd is this close to perfect. We’re so perfect ppl here get to call out Ace Tumblr™ on everything ever regardless of whether it’s an -ism that personally affects the exclusionist in question. Aces and aros always have more privilege than other ppl, no matter what axis of oppression we’re talking about. Also they’re privileged groups so stop this “not all men” shit okay. Idk why inclusionists don’t know how oppression works”

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Hey, just found u blog and loved it so so much!! I... wanna make a request... but its ok if you dont wanna writte abt it!! Hm... if its fine... can I see Zen trying to get used to a proud asexual MC? i thought itd be funny and im kinda needing>\\<...

thank you so much! and of course I’ll write ace MC with Zen, I’m ace and I love Zen with all my heart so this is perfect lol
also I apologize in advance for the Sailor Moon reference oops
-Admin Ace in Space

  • let’s be real, Zen would (despite being the world’s biggest gentleman) have the hardest time adjusting to an ace MC
  • so when he’s once again joking about The Beast™ they immediately tell him they’re ace
  • bcs honestly, it’s better to just get it out of the way
  • and he’s a little confused
  • he’s probably met someone who’s ace before, but he never put much thought into it
  • so they explain what it means to him and make sure he doesn’t take any of it personally
  • and they give him some time to think though they’re probably really worried he’ll leave them
  • but then a few days later he comes up to them
  • “MC, I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive before. I guess I’ve always considered making love an important part in a relationship, sort of to fully confirm it or something? But I realize now that we don’t need that, and that I love you for who you are, no matter if you want to have sex or not.”
  • he still needs a lil time to adjust
  • because he is a fan of having sex
  • but he actually kind of likes that there’s no pressure? like no  “we haven’t had sex in two weeks is there something wrong with this relationship” or anything
  • and he finds that there’s a lot of different ways to “prove” his love
  • this boy gets you flowers or makes you breakfast EVERY DAY
  • he does need a little private time to get some relief, but he would never try to make MC do anything they’re not comfortable with
  • and depending on if they’re okay with physical contact or not, he’ll adjust
  • it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but once he’s fully used to it he is the #1 ace ally
  • someone’s talking shit about asexuality? about MC? about both of those things? complaining that their s/o doesn’t want to do the do with them?
  • he is always there to defend
  • he is the one on who you can depend
  • he is the one named sailor Zen