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BEST COAST x ADAM HARDING - April 16, 2015

Indie rockers bestcoastofficial and director hadamadgrin created a real-life version of the new album, California Nights, with the San Jacinto Mountains in the background, and acehotel and Swim Club as their setting.

Fans swam through their music, ate tacos under the lights and danced amidst projections of all the best California-inspired imagery. 

We encourage you to pre-order the album here. You won’t regret it.

Photos by poonehghana.

Palm Springs, CA


Aaron de la Cruz is currently mid-mural-painting on the Commune wall at Ace Hotel & Swim Club as part of Desert Gold 2014. The San Francisco-based artist’s background is rooted in street art, and the way he shapes and improvises movement in his work gives it wonderfully deep texture and context. Through his use of lines and space he manages to evoke a unique intertextual roadmap by connecting the dots between modern linguistic text along with pre-Columbian Mayan art and contemporary life on the west coast. That is, we’re very proud to be working again with him. His mural is almost ready for you to vibe on all year long at Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

Part of your process seems to involve being in the moment when you are painting some of your site-specific work. You’ve spoken in interviews about letting your feelings, thoughts and the environment around you influence where you take your work. What sort of preparations do you make leading up to putting paint to surface? Do you have a color palate?  

It really depends on the project as far as how I’m going to determine the outcome of the piece I’m going to create. For this project, I really wanted to focus on my ethnic background — being of Mexican descent. My source of color palette inspiration was a cup of fruit that you would buy from a vendor on the street in Mexico. After spending the first day here on location, I got to meet some of the staff here. Most of them happen to be Latino (or part-Latino) and I knew I had made the right decision. 

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Palm Springs, CA

This is the finished Aaron de la Cruz mural he’s been creating at the Commune wall. It’s part of our Desert Gold kickoff. Time to hit the waves, sport some shortpants, and dance it out. 

In his interview he was kind enough to let out a signal flare that’s illuminating Desert Gold this year: we’re focusing extra attention on Latino artists, musicians and cultures.

The world is bursting with wonder, and sometimes it’s nice to have a lens to look through. So for now we’ll echo H. Valentine Miller: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

photo by Aaron de la Cruz

photo by Aaron de la Cruz