ace hotel

Palm Springs

This key just arrived in our mailbox amongst the regular bills and cut-out coupons. It’s from Room 223 of Westward Ho, which stood where Ace Palm Springs now stands in the mid to late 60s. (HoJo was the middle man in between the two). Some do-gooder dropped it in the mailbox, some 30 odd years late. Thanks, stranger, it’s home now. 


Zavrazhye, Russia

On this day in 1932, the world was given one of its most gifted visionaries, the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky whose recurring themes of dream, memory, childhood, running water accompanied by fire, indoors rain and hazy reflections help us see the world from an indelible new strange and soft angle. His films give breath to dreams of unmistakable beauty. 

Tarkovsky loved the Polaroid camera and always carried one with him. These are a selection of his photos.

Ace AIR: Luna Doherty-Ryoke

Program: Ace AIR
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Date of Stay: 06.18.17
Artist: Luna Doherty-Ryoke

Per instruction, we opened the door, spun around twice, closed the door, picked up the scroll and laid down with it, let out a sign and slowly scrolled through, eventually saying “Aw, crow boy” aloud before smiling and running away.

Colorless Crow is a 10.75" 44" work in ink and colored pencil on paper created by Luna Doherty-Ryoke in just one night in room 1401.

Luna Doherty-Ryoke is a 16-year old Brooklyn based artist. Aspiring to pursue a career in animation and illustration, she works heavily in her sketchbook to develop tales for storyboards. Doherty-Ryoke’s unique use of color pencils, the preferred medium of her present work, makes for meticulously blended compositions through carefully considered color palettes. Searching for her voice as an artist and person, she is still in the process of understanding the intention behind the reoccurring characters she creates. Currently, she is a junior at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Arts and has 4 cats.

This June, Ace AIR in New York is curated by Teen Art Salon. Founded and directed by Isabella Bustamante, Teen Art Salon is a New York City based studio that supports, develops, and promotes the creative pursuits of adolescents. Teen Art Salon is committed to providing young artists from across the five boroughs the free instruction, space, and materials needed to establish and advance a self-directed art practice.