ace ender


happy 18th birthday to this awesome gentlemen. 

8 years ago I forced my way on to my first tour with the opening band of an All Time Low tour. Here is me at the first date in Buffalo, New York.

Thanks to everyone who has taken me on the road since then - maybe they had the choice , maybe not. Either way I appreciate it forever.

All Time Low
A Day To Remember
Bring Me The Horizon
Pierce The Veil
Just Surrender
Of Mice & Men
Tonight Alive
Asking Alexandria
Ace Enders
Skizzy Mars
Breathe Carolina
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Four Letter Lie
The Devil Wears Prada
Before Their Eyes

& all the people who let me shoot their shows as well… That list is very long but you get the idea. Thanks band friends.


You guys still diggin this video?? Have you seen the dudes on warped tour??


I Can Make A Mess- Undecided

If Ace Enders puts out a record this week I will shit! Growing In was one of the best albums of last year. He’s a musical hero of mine.