ace cruiser

German Soldier inspecting a knocked-out British Cromwell Cavalry Tank in the aftermath of the Battle of Villers-Bocage.

On the 13th of June, 1944, British forces attacked the town of Villers-Bocage, in Normandy. In the ensuing battle, outnumbered German forces fended off the attack, causing heavy losses. Michael Wittmann, one of the top Panzer Aces, is credit with destroying 14 Tanks, 15 personnel carriers, and 2 Anti-Tank Guns in a time span of just 15 minutes.

anonymous asked:

Nepeta, I'm curious. What did you do to get in here?

aC: :33 < i jacked a police cruiser

aC: :33 < beclawse they werent using it for anything fun anyway

aC: :33 < then i drove it up to 120 to listen to that perfectly tuned engine rooooooooaaaaaaarrrrr

aC: :33 < the fuzz was right on my tail so i drove it through a guard rail off deadmans curve right into a raging river!

aC: :33 < i busted out the window with a single punch once the cruiser was fully immersed, took a single d33p breath, and kicked fr33

aC: :33 < i swam under the rapids to a pile of debris along the shore, where i hid all night before i hitchhiked back home

aC: :33 < the only reason they caught me was that i accidentally left my hello kitty wallet in the passenger seat

aC: :33 < oopsie!

aC: :33 < that is the crime that i did to get locked up

aC: :33 < s33 i am a dangerous convicted feline!!!!!!!!! >:OO

aC: :33 < *waits until the big dumb horse is within earshot*

aC: :33 < *clears throat* 

aC: :33 < but god forbid i get hit by a big strong BOY in a purroperly supervised physical competition

aC: :33 < i would purrobably CRY!

cT: D –> Is the withering sarcasm necessary to convey your passive aggressive critique of house policy, Miss Leijon


cT: D –>  Sigh