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On days when they don’t have to wear their uniforms, Hogwarts students wear pride t-shirts that have cute aro/ace related sayings on them. When someone who is planning to make fun of the wearer sees them, the letters all jumble up into nonsense. Alternatively, depending on the wearer’s preferences, they could reprimand the viewer for their narrow-mindedness or teach them about the a-spectrums. 

Fun facts:

-It’s okay to be asexual and still make dirty jokes
-it’s okay to be asexual and still feel a little sad inside when you see couples
-it’s okay to be asexual and still have an immature mind
-it’s okay to be asexual but hope you change in the future

-you are not broken
-you won’t be lonely for the rest of your life
-you are valid

Hey guys, I just wanted to point out that just because it’s Asexual Awareness Week it doesn’t mean you have to suddenly become an ace activist or anything. Don’t feel forced to do anything you’re uncomfortable with just because it’s our week. Just take the time to enjoy the community and maybe even learn a few things, or if you want you can wear the flag and run down your local high street.

It’s your week, you do what you want<3

It’s Ace Awareness week so I’m just sharin’ my personal ace-as-hell Bilbo Baggins headcanon. I just see Bilbo ace and aro as a hobbit could be, the most ace of all aces in Middle-Earth

like he tried courting as a young hobbit once for, like, a week, and then he was like “nah actually I think I’m just gonna go live in my giant house full of all my awesome stuff and tend this garden and write this book and study this Elvish and cook this food and raise this nephew and give zero fucks”

Asexuality & Freedom to Self Identify; a rant in response to Dan Savage

So I’m used to lurking on tumblr, liking all the asexuality tags, and never adding to the conversation.

Today, I am done withholding my opinions. Hold on, y’all, it’s gonna be a lengthy post.

The primary motivator in this rant is one particular LGBT blogger we all know and in my case, used to love: Mr. Dan Savage, creator of Spreading Santorum and the It Gets Better Project. Here was a man who I, a teen-aged-and-confused gay-straight alliance leader in a small conservative town, deeply admired for his unabashed and direct defense of the LGBT community. For his no-nonsense approach to sexuality.

I thought he was so cool.

Alas, it is always a tragic day when one’s heroes turn out to be gigantic twats; I recently came across Dan Savage’s statements regarding asexuality, and they are vile. In a Savage Love transcript, he compares an asexual individual to an individual with HIV – both have a responsibility to inform a partner (within the first few dates) of their condition, as it will have a great impact on their relationship (ahem – their sexual relationship, as that is clearly the most important part of any romantic bond). The asexual party is not the norm, and will be lying if he or she does not warn normal people not to expect a normal relationship.

In another post, he goes so far as to insinuate that asexuals and minimally-sexual individuals ought to only date each other, for the benefit of the majority:

“You’ll be doing your minimally sexual self a favor, you’ll be doing your future minimally sexual partner a favor, and you’ll be doing all normally sexual persons everywhere a favor by removing two minimals—you and your future partner—from the dating pool.”


“I certainly hope you’re not another asexual/minimally sexual person who wants a normally sexual partner because you take a perverse pleasure in depriving someone else of sex, constantly rejecting that person’s advances, and ultimately destroying their confidence.”

You, Dan Savage, are an ass. I think it’s rather clear that this man does not remotely understand what asexuality is. He talks about asexual people like they’re an abnormal blight upon society. He might as well be saying “you asexuals ought to just disappear – life would be much better if we didn’t have to worry about you sabotaging the rest of us homo sapiens. We don’t want to mix with your kind.”

This brings me to the main topic of my rant:

While the majority of the population - both cis-gendered heterosexuals and the alphabet soup – tends to ignore asexuality and brush it under the rug, there are individuals who take it to an extreme expression of ace-phobia. In my experience, the most vehement of these individuals hail (ironically) from the militant/hard-core lesbian and gay communities, who seem to see asexuals as a symbol of sexual repression and an unwillingness to be truthful about one’s identity.

- and identity is indeed the problem at hand.

What people like Dan Savage seem to embrace in their own communities but shun in ace-world is the importance of a self-identity; an identity that is built through words, symbols, and commonality. These words and symbols create an identity that an individual can be proud of. It’s why we have fucking pride parades and flags and community centers and it’s why we reclaimed symbols of oppression like the pink triangle. We’re proving that we’re triumphant, and we take pride in the strength that our labels bestow upon us.

Being able to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, poly, etc. gives you legitimacy as a human being. Prior to the current sexual revolution, everyone who did not fit in the heteronormative society was brushed aside as the ‘other.’ Rather than having identities of their own, they were slapped with labels of what they were not. Not normal. Not heterosexual. These vague non-identities defined alphabet soup people as a grey mass of rejects.

Thus, self-identification is about empowerment. It’s about having a voice, and being heard for what you are, not what the majority decides you are not.

Amazing, how this is all so deeply ingrained into LGBTQ culture, and people like Dan Savage still don’t get it.

Ace people are asexual. That is how we define ourselves, with variation, of course. When asked, we do not say that we are ‘non-sexuals.’ We do not say that we are abnormal. We do not say that we go through life depriving others of sexual experiences that they are entitled to, Mr. Savage. Our identity is fucking IMPORTANT to us, the same way your identity as a homosexual man is IMPORTANT to you, as opposed to considering yourself a non-heterosexual. Our identity gives us strength in a society that constantly seems to exist to remind us of how different we are. It reminds us that we are human, and we are not alone.

Our identity reminds us that it fucking gets better, and there’s always hope, and that we’re free to exist as legitimate people in this world and pursue our own fucking happiness without putting it through the rules and regulations of bigoted ignoramuses. 

The quoted sections are from this lovely article.