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“Phoenix, hold still.”

He didn’t, had the swabbing Miles was trying to apply to his cheek nearly poke his eye, and flinched.

Miles sighed.

“I understand that it stings. Cuts generally do, especially in a sensitive place such as the face. But it needs to be cleaned, and to do that, you need to stay still for just. Five. Minutes. If that.”

Phoenix huffed, but did at least appear to try and settle down.

“I don’t get why you’re doing this, anyway. Since when have you started mothering me, Edgeworth?”

“Perhaps because I feel responsible, as it is at least partly my fault that you were injured in the first place. Or perhaps because I know that if left to fend for yourself, your self-care would be shoddy at best.”

He paused for a moment while Phoenix fidgeted, but not any longer than that. Awkward silence led into something far more comfortable. Phoenix’s breathing started to even out, aside from the odd sharp inhale or wince, and Miles himself found that he missed the rhythm and closeness once he was done.

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Another thing about Godot is that even in the Japanese version he blames himself for Mia's death and whatnot, but if I'm not mistaken, localization made up the "princess" bit and when he disrespects Fran for being a woman, in the original he tells her to step off bc she's a child and he's trying to talk to Phoenix. It's bc she's young/"inexperienced", not bc she's a woman. (I apologize if any of this is incorrect, I'm not defending Godot, I'd just like to understand who thought this was wise)

are you fucking telling me the localization team turned “aren’t you like 12” into “i hate woman lol” because HOLY FUCK

Dear angry-blonde-ish,

I can understand why you’d wonder about that…  I still do myself sometimes, to be honest.  But just because he’s still the same old Larry he was when I first met him doesn’t mean I can just forget about him.  He, Edgeworth, and I made some good memories together, and we established some good friendships.  He might be a Butz, but he’s still a friend.

Besides, somebody’s got to look out for the guy, right?

-Phoenix Wright