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((So I’ve been on those little online height difference websites, and decided to make this for a reference to see just how big Simon actually is in comparison to Apollo. And holy crap, Simon is a freaking behemoth. I knew he was taller but….. d a n g. Apollo must feel safe as heck wrapped around in those giant arms…

Their height difference is everything ;w; ♥♥))

Last call for pitches!!

To everyone who is still interested in joining the Lawful Evil Zine: applications close on November 26th (2017), about a week from now!

Lawful Evil Zine is a villain-centric Ace Attorney zine, made by and for LGBT AA fans, hosted by the LGBT LAWYERS server. We accept both writing and art, and you can find more information about it and how to join on our about, rules, FAQ and application pages.

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