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Wrightworth is not "random" or "stupid"

*it’s kinda a rant, I’m sorry*

Many AA fans, especially in other communities, don’t like Phoenix/Miles ship. Well, there’s really nothing wrong about it, but please don’t say Wrightworth is a “random pairing” or “stupid”. I know it’s not canon, but every popular AA ship isn’t canon. There’s not a “true pairing”, but only a pairing a fan could like more than other one.

So why do some fans say something like “Miles/Franziska is okay, but Phoenix/Miles is nonsense”?

Why some fans say “Phoenix is straight and Miles is asexual” like it’s the only possible truth?

Why some fans say “Phoenix and Maya are very close and they could love each other”, but Miles and Phoenix are “obviously just best friends”?

Please, don’t get me wrong: I’m totally okay if someone likes other ships. That’s fine, really. It’s just… I don’t understand why so many fans completely deny the possibility of Wrightworth, with weak explanations. I’d prefer something like “I don’t like Narumitsu, that’s all”, instead of “Phoenix and Miles don’t love each other, they’re not gay and they can’t have sex because I say so”.

Well, ship wars is a problem in every fandom, probably, but in AA is a very hot topic. (Not hotter than Wrightworth, of course…. okay, sorry XD)

Okay, real talk: why don’t the prosecutors co-counsel each other??? Give me Klavier and Blackquill tag-teaming Athena and Apollo. Give me Edgeworth and Franziska tag-teaming Phoenix and Maya. GIVE ME KLAVIER AND SEBASTIAN TEAMING UP BECAUSE THEY WENT TO THE SAME SCHOOL TOGETHER AND GRADUATED THE SAME YEAR. YO GIVE ME EDGEWORTH CO-COUNSELING SEBASTIAN!! 


Dear Lt. Col. Maes Hughes,

Heh…wow!  Special child you have there.  She is cute!

I’ve got one of those myself, so I know how it is trying to keep from gushing about them.  She’s adopted, but she looks a lot like her parents too.  She takes after me quite a bit when it comes to brains, though.

And if you think protecting a three-year-old from boys is tough…  Huh, boy…

-Phoenix Wright

Ace Attorney headcanon: Maya

As much as she goofed around when working with Phoenix, she was also surprisingly intelligent and quickly learned how to do much of Phoenix’s behind-the-scenes paperwork. It wasn’t long before they got to the point where Maya could fill out forms and compose professional-sounding legal requests faster than Phoenix himself could, so sometimes all he had to do was add his signature, fully trusting that Maya had done everything correctly. This tendency to work quickly was what allowed her the time to goof around as much as she did. The feelings of uselessness she had at the end of the first game were mainly because she didn’t consider doing paperwork to be anything special, since Phoenix himself could do it all. 

(This headcanon was prompted by the canon fact that several times, Maya took the initiative to find clients for Phoenix, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to conclude that she actually did do some “assistant” type legal work, even the boring stuff.)
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Backup Vocals Update

“Full moon out, huh?” Klavier asked, looking at the sky above the sea. The day’s fair weather had indeed allowed them to enjoy their fair share of nice views as the hours had gone by. (though Apollo couldn’t quite take in the one from the ferris wheel). Most of the other beachgoers had already gone home. Apollo turned to follow his gaze, pressing his cheek into Klavier’s hair after he did.

“I wouldn’t know what it was otherwise,” Apollo replied, feeling as if he could fall asleep just resting on Klavier’s back. “Waxing crescent, waning whatever…Clay knows all about that kinda stuff, but I’m totally lost. You’d think I would pick something up hanging out with him but nope. He’s going into space, and I’m…” he yawned, “…gonna be a super famous rock star.”

I hate when something in AA is so super friggin’ obvious and the characters take FOREVER to figure it out but at other times the character is like “HA HA THIS IS SO OBVIOUS, this evidence CLEARLY proves this” and I’m like ummmmmmmm help me out then? Give me a clue because I have none.