ace attorney exchange

sign-ups are open!!!

from today (march 1) until march 11 you can sign up for the ace attorney mix exchange! do you like fanmixes? would you like to make one for someone and get one in return from a mysterious stranger? then check out this exchange’s info right here!

please help me get the word out by reblogging this post and/or telling your friends! you can follow this blog for updates and eventually the finished mixes coming may! hope to see you in the exchange! ^0^)/

What is Feystivus? We’re an Ace Attorney holiday gift exchange, open for applications now! Here’s the deal: You put in what you want for a special gift, and what you can make in return. When the time comes, you’ll be assigned someone to create for, and in turn you’ll get something special!

We have applications on our page, and a full rule set, including deadlines and other important dates. Spread the word, and let’s bring some Feystivus to the aced-of-us!


Secret Lawyers 2014: an Ace Attorney-themed Holiday Exchange

How to join, a step by step process!

  • Read more about our event here! Those are some questions you may ask cleared up instantly for you. (If you have a different question, shoot us an ask here.)
  • Then choose an edition to apply to (this year we have two very fine selections–the artistic or the positivity edition!). You can find the applications on the pages for the editions. If you would like to apply for both, please read this!
  • Finally, your assigned lawyer will be given to you on December 5th. Do not fret, because we’ll give you the partner we think fits you best. They’ll have at least two common interests with you. And you definitely will not know them, so you make a new friend who has similar interests with you! Two things done in one single event! (And don’t forge the present you’ll get!!)

There’s only TWO ONE WEEK left to join! So make haste, like Phoenix, and join as soon as possible! Feel free to send us an ask if you have any questions! And don’t forget to spread the word by TELLing YOUR FRIENDS and REBLOGing!