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juniper buying roses for athena in an attempt to confess her love through these really beautiful bouquets bc she's shy but athena is just oblivious and keeps just going "thanks junie!! you're my best friend!!" juniper is crying. athena has thirty vases of flowers in her apartment. simon comes over for game night. "why do you have so many flowers." "junie keeps giving them to me!!" "athena. you are aware of what roses mean, right." "they're just flowers??" [taka and simon stare into the camera]

this girl can Literally Hear People’s Feelings but she can’t figure out her best friend / crush is in love w her


You can tell this game was translated from a Japanese version where they were originally in Japan where same-sex marriage still isn’t legal,
because if they actually lived in LA,

japan pls let them get married to each other

edit: Btw, in the original Japanese, Mitsurugi said “I don’t want to talk about this–especially not with you”
maybe it’s just me but to me it makes it 8000% even more suspicious

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phoenix throughout the whole series: *knows nothing* *bullshits his way through every single trial* 

phoenix as your opponent: Ohoho, Apollo, my sweet child, my man, I, Phoenix Wright, NEVER once in my LIFE came unprepared to court, I brought evidence, I even TALKED to a witness BEFORE trial started; yesterday I actually read a file, man I am SO prepared-